July 2021 Meeting Notes

Opening - Cata

Hello one and all. First of all, we are very glad that you all could make it. Hope the weekend went very well for you all. We are going to be looking at doing these quick meetings to try and assist you all more. We know that some times people feel like they are just a number in a guild. But i assure you that you are not. Being apart of a guild… or in our case a community means that there is someone always on doing something. We know that some people are shy and thats ok… Take some baby steps and just join and listen. Dont have to talk just come on and listen to the convos that happen.

By doing this it brings us much closer to being more active and engaging with everyone.

Scybils Scribbles - Scybil

Compliments from other guilds about guildies in dungeons and quests
guild bank reminder
discord announcements, chat, pin reminder
discord role reminder
reach out to any officer with questions or concerns
q/a mini intro:
A little bit later in the program we will be open to your alls questions, comments, and feedback. We know you all have plenty of thinks to ask and say so don’t hesitate! Take this opportunity and get your questions answered…you never know, someone else may be wondering the same thing! And if you don’t want to speak or you are hesitant, DM any of the officers and we can ask for you.

Recruitment - Gwen

If running a dungeon with a guild-less healer/tank, ask them if they want to join and then send them my way if they do.
Don’t need anymore pally tanks, mages, hunters, or rogues for raiding.
Looking for Elemental Shamans, a Boomkin, Warriors, Warlocks, Druid and Warrior Tanks. Pally and Shaman healers


Burden (Talk about Balancing)

Transparency on how we balance the Kara groups currently

  • Tanks that work well together/different classes
  • Healers preferably different classes
  • One of each class/bufff
  • Prefers to raid with
  • Fill out with DPS based on previously logged runs to give everyone “the same” overall output
  • Out of all the people we put into the raids we go off of when you they signed up on roster not on the bot
  • Reach out to pop-up raiders to fill vacant slots so we have to sit the least amount of people

How we transition from 10 to 25man roster:

  • Need Tanks to fill either Heal or DPS Slots
  • More healers needed for a second group
  • Currently at: 9 Tanks - 8 Healers - 33 DPS
  • 25man Setup would be: 3 Tanks 6-8 Healers - 14-16 DPS (2 group ratio is 6-12-28 T/H/D at a minimum)

Jed - New Raid Focus and Schedule

  • We are shifting our focus to 25mans

  • New raid day: Tuesday, 8:30PM - 10:30PM.

  • Overall schedule now:
    Tuesday - Karazhan groups
    Friday - Gruul’s/Mag’s
    Saturday - Kara and/or 25man cleanup (depending on what’s left)

  • 25mans will have a static roster that we will announce before next week

  • Only 1 team for now

  • Since it’s a static roster, there won’t be bot signups for the 25mans. We are adding a new discord channel called #classic-a-absences that you will be asked to post in if you are going to be out that week.

  • Saturdays will be “cleanup” days, meaning if we have not cleared all the 25man content yet, we will use Saturday to do that. If 25man content is complete, we will get the Kara groups back together to finish up any remaining bosses there.

Building the 25man Rosters

As Burden eluded to before, our raid roster is quite imbalanced. While we have 50 players, we just have too many tanks and dps and too few healers to make two teams. Because of this, we can only build one team for now. This of course means we have to make the difficult decision of putting 25 players on a roster and 25 players on a waitlist. We’ll be building this roster with proper comp in mind primarily (we can’t just put 10 hunters and 10 mages on a team…), followed by a mixture of factors including raid attendance to this point, performance, and preferred player pairings. Unfortunately this means those of you who have signed up to raid more recently are likely not going to be on the roster right away (especially if you are a tank or dps), but as soon as we have a proper mixture of tank/heal/dps to form a second group, we will.

Sword (Talk about Raid Prep)

As we move into 25 man raids, and continue 10 man content it should come as no surprise that prep for each week is vital. This includes at the very least:

  • Flasks, Elixirs, and Potions, Ammo or Reagents, and Repairs (Gold for repairs)
  • Food for appropriate buffs, if you aren’t hit capped, hit food should be prioritized
  • Gems - these do not need to be BIS, green gems are sold cheap on the AH and there are basic gems in Honor Hold, Meta can be bought with spirit shards in Terrokar
  • Pre-BIS gear, wowhead has some extensive guides on this, and class discords typically do as well
  • Addons - This includes Weak Auras, swing timers (if needed), DBM, etc., these should be installed and kept up to date.
  • Finally, research each fight for the designated raid, it is better to have prior knowledge before coming to a fight, while raid leaders will know the strategies, time can be saved when there are few questions regarding how a fight will go.

Everyone is eager to progress through 25 man content, and ease our time in 10 man, making sure you are properly prepped each week can help make this happen. If there are items on the list that the leadership can help with, please reach out and let us know. There are many professions in guild that can cover some of the aforementioned prep needs.

Nef (Talk about bettering ones self)

Within the last few weeks of raiding, we’ve noticed an overall improvement in everyone’s DPS, heals, and tanking abilities. While this is great, please don’t become complacent about it. We aren’t a super hardcore guild, infact we are quite casual as im sure everybody knows, but that doesn’t mean that you, as a player should strive for mediocrity. Not saying anybody is, but there are a few different resources out there designed specifically to help players get better. For example, there are class discord servers for each individual class with tones of useful information in them aswell. in addition to thousands of people in them all asking similar questions that you may have about your class. You can also look up various youtube videos, go on wowhead or even ask people in the guild that play the same class as you for help. Become the best that you can possibly be, not for us, but for you.

Tri / Board

In just 2 months time our community is going to be 3 years old. We are looking for a few things from all of our Guilds, Chapters and Casual gamers. Thats input and assistance. We cant create a better community for you all with out first getting information from you all. Currently we need 2 things…

  1. Please go to the following link and put some data into the Evolved Swag poll. This is going to help us figure out what kinda of Evolved Merch members are looking for.

Closing - Cata

Our guild grows all the time. It also loses people all the time. We know that lots of you love being here and we know lots are just here to do some content until the next big thing comes up. We are greatful for all of the membership we have gotten since starting classic. We hope to keep moving forward and thanks to all of you we can do that. So stand tall and be proud. Cause we are the ones honored to have all of you.


Q: Why are we going to three days a week to raid and is the third day going to be at the same times as the regular raid? Will we have to go to all three days?

The move to 3 days should be fairly obvious with the raids all becoming 25 man, the bosses all have more mechanics, more health/armor, require more people, and more trash which means it will require more time.
With 25 man set roster going forward for Sat/Sun for now we do require if on the set roster you show up for those days. With most raiders in 25 man it will be harder to gather people for kara on these days. But we are recruiting.

Q: Are people going to be rotated into the raid team? If so when and how?

Rotation is always in the back of our minds. We do want to get more people raiding. Even now if raiders that are geared from kara wish to go tentative are amazing people for doing so. Avasti did this week so some one else could go in so big thanks to him. But due to lack of Tanks / Healers this prevents us from creating a solid 2nd 25 man group and also prevents us from more 10 man groups.
Recruitment is how we do it, or raiders switch to an OS or different raider to assist with creation of 2nd 25 man group.

Q: How can one get involved in the community and help out our amazing officers?

Keep asking questions. Keep coming with your concerns. We are trying to recruit to bring more members in for all various guild needs such as Leveling, Dungeons and Raiding. We are always in need of Tanks and Healers with OS.

Q: There have been times when members have heard lower level players speak about lack of getting help or even acknowledgement from the more established players. Is there something we can encourage the base to do to tie in newer members once they are recruited instead of forgetting about them?

I am going to challenge each and every one of you. Veterans, experienced players - find a newbie, find a new friend, get out of your normal group. Big a big brother or sister. And to you, newbies - be vocal. Post in Classic-a chat, post in guild…Heck, poke Cata until he screams!

Q: As a newly level 70 player, is it too late to apply for Raider, and are the starting gear requirements still the same as what I read a few weeks ago on the forums (dungeon blues, basic enchants/gems).

If you are ready to be a designated raider, apply. It is an easy process. As for what is expected, the raider role does have pre bis expectations with enchants and gems. Hit people up for dungeons/heroics to run. Don’t hesitate to ask.

Q: Will there be class leaders?

No but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t reach out and assist each other.

Q: With everything going to 3 days, we won’t be able to get everyone in to all raids, would I be penalized if I pug earlier in the week if I know I won’t be on the roster?

You will know very early if you will be in the 25 man raid or not. You are free to pug without penalty. If you are on the bench, you are also always free to pug. We hope to give you enough pre-warning if you will or will not be raiding with us the following week.

Q: With the set 25 man roster, will that be announced before the 25 man Gruul pug on Sunday or after?

Probably will be posted after the pug on Sunday.

Q: Do you have a real date when we will be able to do a 2nd 25 man raid? Is that realistic?

We are actively reaching out to individuals to change specs or mains.

Q: What if a raider can make Tuesdays but can’t make Friday/Saturday? Will they have to continue being a permanent pop up raider?

Difficult to answer. If we don’t full clear on Tuesday, you may miss out on bosses and loot on the secondary days. If people are willing to fill 1 or 2 bosses on Saturday, then yeah you definitely could sign up for Tuesdays exclusively. We just need to make sure we have what we need.

Q: With the switching of roles, is there going to be letting people come into raids to fill out the roster and will be able to main spec their secondary gear? ex: Jed goes Holy and runs Kara, can he get that Holy gear for his off spec?

People are getting off spec gear now. We are DE-ing a lot of stuff.

Q: How earlier on that Tuesday will rosters be out for Tuesdays? I feel like it having it closed off on Monday’s and put on Tuesday for Tuesday, people have plans come up or something?

Locking in on Sunday night and making the roster on Monday.

Q: It was stated that both ele and resto shamans are needed. Is resto more in demand?

We do need healers so resto is more in demand.

Q: What if you can’t make the 3rd raid day and joined this guild specifically for the weekend raid days?

We know we really pushed to do Friday and Saturday and we also know going into phase 2, there is a lot of trash. Almost 2.5 hours of trash to be killed in one of the 25 man raids. Us wanting to do both 25 mans, we figured we needed an extra day. We know this will cause problems and we know we unfortunately will lose people. We don’t want to lose people but we had to do something. That 5 hours of raiding just is not enough time. However, we can always work with you since our 25 man groups will be on Friday/Saturday.

Q: Will worser geared/not entirely pre-raid bis healers be considered for Kara since we need healers?

Freshly leveled 70s, probably need to get a few bis pieces. Keep striving to get as much pre bis as you can. It will help more in raid. Do what you have to do to get the gear. Please don’t take this as harsh. Healers and tanks are always desirable. You can easily find groups. Get out there, meet people, take a guildie and run with randos.