July Guild Meeting and Event: Hide and Seek! 630 mst 830 est

July Guild Meeting Agenda

Leadership Changes Discussion

Recruitment Goals

  • 250-275 active members on roster
  • more Discord use or in game chat to help welcome and include new members

Events check -in


meeting will likely be 10 - 15 min

Hide and Seek Details
Location: ??? map/zone will be announced as a surprise at the start of the event.
What: Grimmie will hide in somewhere in the named zone. The first person to find her AND open trade will receive a prize!

If no one finds her within 30 min, members may ask “hot vs cold” questions.

Winner: 50,00 gold
2nd place: 25, 000 gold

March Meeting
Officers -
Wedge GL
Grimmie XO
Bynski/Tynk RO
Molly recruitment help
Adz5 and Piggynyc raid leaders
Macabre - events officer
Zachin pvp

New Schedule Announcements -
Mondays: Discord Social, Relax w/us after the tiring start of the work week.
Tuesdays: Discord Social, Relax w/us after the tiring start of the work week.
Wednesdays:Group Dailies for Motifs, Gear, $$ w/Macabre 630 MST
Thursdays: PVP w/Zachpin 9:30 MST
Fridays: Vet Trials x/Adz5 n Piggy 9:00 MST- 11:00 MST
Saturdays: Normal Trials w/Adz n Piggy 7:00 PM MST
Sundays - Map Runs w/Grimmie 4:30 MST
Every Other week is a Lottery week, next one starts this Sunday, money goes towards event awards.
Zachpin is looking for a partner to help with pvp events

Questions for you Guys -
What events do you guys want/ need ? Some recent events have had light attendance so if there is something that you would like to see added or changed, please communicate to an officer.
Craglorn clears
Vet Pledges
Vet dungeon achievement nights

If there is an event you would like to host - please let us know! We do have some members that are in the midst of planning a fishing event and a perma death event - stay tuned on the forums

2019 Evolved Vegas Get Together

Wedge - Take open questions of community and game :

Close meeting with Hide and Seek Event - Find Grimmie
Winner: 50,00 gold - Alhomra
Random Dice Roll Winner: 25, 000 gold - Cerato

I like the idea someone voiced of holding leveling events for lower leveled players hosted by one or more experienced player. I can’t recall the location they suggested.

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Thanks! yes - the sunday map events will be great for you too! Hope to see you this sunday

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I really love the map runs! Craglorn runs and fishing sound like fun events as well.

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bump for July meeting

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