June ESO Scavenger/Treasure Hunt!

January 2018 ESO Scavenger/Treasure Hunt!

Event Description: Each team or individual will have a list of items, people, objects, etc that they will need to find in game or within the Evolved community. In order to prove that you have indeed found an item, you will need to take a screenshot of your toon/team with the objective! You may work alone in this contest or with a team, if working as a team, decide how you want to divy up the prize if you win.

This is an opportunity to show off how beautiful our game is and share some of our favorite places.


Screenshots can easily be made in game with the print screen button on your keyboard; usually located on the right side in the section above the directional keys (arrows). You can edit/crop your images easily into any image software that comes with your computer… or do it the old school way and after hitting prt sc button, paste the image into paint to crop.

Now, where do we put all of these pictures?? One of the easiest ways to create a free account with imgur.com, and load all of your entries into an album. That way you can share an album as your submission as a link in Discord in the eso-screenshots channel. This is all really easy to do! Also, post a link to the album in this post so that I can easily track entries.

If you are confused, take a look at Cerato’s submission as an example :slight_smile:

Scavenger Hunt List

1. You’;re favorite place in game.
2. Psyjic Order Hall, taking a swim in one wickedly cool pool.
3. Maiq the Liar, the traveling cat.
4. Ahoy Matey, and avast ye booty!
5. The moon is my sun, the night is my day, blood is my life and you are my prey”
6. Sleeps-on-Bridges (or you and an Evolved friend if they are unavailable)
7. A Daedric Prince
8. A guild officer.
9. An “Evolved” place…
10. An abandoned campsite.

How do I win? Submissions will be voted on by guild members through google forms, based upon creativity, humor, and quality. You have from June 8th -June 30th to create your submissions. I gave a slightly longer time due to varying levels of member’s tech savvy skills. Voting will be held the first week of July.

Prizes: 1st place 75, 000; 2nd Place 35,000 (and some possible loot from the bank)

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I offer my humble submission: https://imgur.com/a/qEjv72S.
I’ve never been a big screenshot person on ESO, but this made it fun. Thanks!

Here’s my submission. It was fun, as usual. Hope I’m not the only one :wink: https://imgur.com/a/7SdaPA2?

Well here is my submission

I went ahead and added a little bit of my own rules — did each screenshot with a different character (except hunting officers). I got as many of the officers as I could (since macabre is currently out of commission) by teleporting to them in public areas and trying to find them. Kept it interesting for me.

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