June Meeting Notes

Cataclysm (General Opener)

In a few days we are going to have our 8.2 patch. There has been lots of info all over the inter web with all of the changes, take the weekend and check out whats up and coming. 2 weeks… We hope… the next raid tier will be coming out. Mythic plus dungeons should be getting tweaked to be harder. New rep grinding towards your pathfinder in order to fly.

We know that our community is filled with helpful members always assisting other with Questions and game content. So thanks to everyone that does this. The best advice we can give you is always try and better your self thru asking questions to someone that plays your class and spec. Use all the websites and try new things.

So please remember if your having troubles please come to any of the officers.

**Isilaura **

Thanks to all our members for being so wonderful, and thank you to everyone that continues to support our community. I’m looking forward to the changes that 8.2 is going to bring us. I’m going to miss reaping, but I’m hoping that the changes to gear will refresh the game for everyone and bring more people back into WoW.

Super and Swim - Thank you for all you did as part of WoW-A, we really appreciated all the hard work you put into raiding. And welcome to the team Raille and Drinky. So happy to have you join us!

If anyone at anytime has any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to send me a message. I can be reached through PM via the forums or on Discord. The response may not be immediate, but I’ll do my best to get back to you as soon as possible. And for real, if you have a concern, share it. We can’t address issues if we don’t know they exist. You don’t have to wait until Cata is around to be heard.

We are planning on creating more content for our website. One of the plans is to have a weekly blog post. Examples of content would be Member Spotlights, Game Spotlights, Fanfic, Guild Accomplishments, etc. If you’re interested in contributing and maybe being part of our writing team, please reach out.

Star / Kit (Recruitment)

I just want to start off saying Welcome to Evolved to all of our new and returning members! I know we are all excited to see the fun new stuff 8.2 brings and what comes next for us in BfA.

Please try and occasionally check out the Evolved recruitment posts on both the Proudmoore forums as well as the WoW General forums. The links to both are in the WoW-A announcement section of Discord. It helps a ton to keep our forum post towards the top and it looks great to potential new recruits to see different people posting what they like about the guild, or just something like great raid, fun M+ times or whatever. Also don’t be afraid if you see people not in guilds or someone you have an awesome run with on a pug to try and convince them to apply to Evolved. It’s great having new people and seeing us keep growing!

I think most of you already have it set up correctly, but please make sure your Discord nickname matches your name on our forums.

And finally, just my normal friendly reminder that we kick inactive characters after 3 months. If you haven’t logged in to your alts in a bit, please do so they don’t risk getting accidentally purged. If you do get kicked, just whisper an officer and we can get you back in to the guild.

Taevarth (Mythic plus / PvP)

New Affix Combo

On the PTR, the Fortified, Bursting, Quaking combination has been altered with Quaking being replaced by Volcanic! Thus, that specific week is now:

Fortified, Bursting, Volcanic, Beguiling

What do you think of this new affix combo? Let us know in the comments below.

Keystone Level Scaling

Players who have participated in Beguiling keys on the PTR have noticed that the Keystone Level scaling has been increased from Live. Currently, a +10 Keystone innately gives all the mobs in the dungeon +85% to health and damage. However, on the PTR, a +10 Keystone innately gives all mobs +114%.

This is because the scaling has been increased from a bonus 8% per level, to 10% per level. Remember, Keystone levels are exponential and that means that the higher keystone you attempt, the more you’re going to feel this difference in dungeon scaling.

However, currently on the PTR, the base health of the mobs has not changed. If this stays the same, this scaling factor was probably increased to combat the player power that would be gained from Season 3.

  • When going from Season 1 to Season 2, all mobs were increased in difficulty by 30% which equated to about 3 Keystone levels harder.
  • Depending on your keystone level, the difference in Keystone levels will not be the same when going from Season 2 to Season 3 and depends on the level of your key:
    • At low levels (< 10): The transition will feel about 1 level harder.
    • At mid levels, the transition will feel about 2 levels harder.
    • At higher levels, the transition will feel 3+ levels harder.

A +10 in Season 3 will feel like a +12 in Season 2 .

Level Live Modifier % PTR Modifier %
Mythic n/a n/a
2 +0% +0%
3 +8% +10%
4 +17% +21%
5 +26% +33%
6 +36% +46%
7 +47% +61%
8 +59% +77%
9 +71% +95%
10 +85% +114%
11 +100% +136%
12 +116% +159%
13 +133% +185%
14 +152% +214%
15 +172% +245%



Dungeon Tuning

This last week’s PTR included one additional tuning change. We covered all the tuning changes so far in a previous article.

  • A Knot of Snakes A Knot of Snakes envelopes the target, preventing any action and slowly suffocating the victim for 180,36090,180 Physical damage over 15 sec. The victim can be freed by killing the snakes or incapacitating them.

The known tuning changes for the dungeons are now as follows:

  • Atal’Dazar
    • Priestess Alun’za
    • Dazar’ai Colossus
      • Gathered Souls no longer grants healing on an ally death and the damage bonus per stack reduced to 10% (was 25%).
    • Reanimated Honor Guard
    • Shieldbearer of Zul
      • Shield Bash cooldown of 2 seconds removed.
        • Wowhead Note: We don’t think this actually does anything.
  • Freehold
    • Timer reduced to 33 minutes (was 36 minutes)
  • King’s Rest
    • The Golden Serpent
  • Temple of Sethraliss
  • Tol Dagor
    • Heavy Cannon
      • Heavy Cannons now have an Energy Bar of 100
      • Each Cannon Blast costs 20 Energy to use.


  • New Epic Battleground - Ashran
  • New Arena - Mechagon Arena
  • War Mode can be enabled in Mechagon, and the small zone will encourage heavy world PvP.
  • Season 3 Vicious mount is the Vicious War Basilisk.

Drinky / Stale (Random info)

Random facts/notes: (to be updated)

ilvl 400 gear from m0

-420 so far from m10

430 from raid

New affix looks terrible…

Difficulty ramp up again in new season

Heart lvl 50, will be easy to achieve with most ap rewards being doubled

It looks like it is that time of year again, where I would melt if I walk outside. When I do travel, I will always be in the comfort of air conditioning. For those of you that have to be outside without computers, I’m sorry. For those that want to go outside instead of being on the computer, I don’t understand you.

I’m say something inspiring: Now plan, prepare, and execute for the new raid tier.

Cox / Raille ( Raiding)

I’ll add a huge thank you to our raiders and guildies that have helped with the AoTC push for our folks.

Since we started tracking just a few weeks ago we’ve pushed 9 CoS and 14 BoD AoTCs, which is really inspiring.

I’ll add a personal thank you to Swim and Super for their hard work on the raids, and giving us all the opportunity to taste Mythic raiding. Both the joy of getting hard content down and the frustration of the logistics.

It’s unfortunate that to be a focused mythic raiding guild means that we need a very different character for the guild. Thankfully M+ still provides an outlet for more hardcore content with significantly fewer logistical challenges and without really impacting the guild’s culture. And finally a personal thank you to guild leadership for coming to their senses (!) and letting us go back to the balanced raid model. For me at least it seems to have really changed the spirit of the guild for the better, and rooted us back in our core values.

That being said… this doesn’t mean that Mythic raiding is off the table in the future. We still have the new raid days schedule available if one of our new raid leads wants to step up and lead us … and other options like the possibility of a cross-guild or cooperative community based mythic raider pool.

Raid Plan/Groups going into 8.2 (largely dependent on where we are at by meeting time for firm decisions) ie: are we able to reliably run one or 2 groups yet.

Updated raid requirements: ilvl 400 normal, 415 heroic, etc…
Remind everyone to be gemmed, chanted, flasked, fooded (we usually provide food and flasks, but you always see people without these if they aren’t provided for them).

Raid preview, hoping for some good fatboss videos to reference, but we can talk some about the new raid.

There should be a window still to discuss AOTC for anybody who still needs it as well.