Kerplosio - Guild Application

Looking for a pleasant home to be apart of a strong, interactive guild community. I browsed the wow forums and such, it seems you all may be the best fit out there!

Currently maining a Monk (Kerplosio), generally running WW for out in the world stuff, and MW for BG’s/Instances. Willing to tinker with BrM too.(not at cap, but do have a shaman, rogue, warrior all 50+ on Proudmoore)

Battle Net ID: Island#1629

I’m a bit rusty, and a tad behind many others, however would like to brush up and be apart of something better, PuG like while doable, is just not as fun in my eyes. Not worried about chasing world firsts or bleeding edge content, but if time permits, willing to push where I can. Willing to help out for anything from quests to BG’s, to 5 mans and TMOG runs too. Happy to work on the harder stuff, happy to just putter about as well. Hope to touch base with someone.

Cheers’n’Beers! :beers:

Hello and Welcome to Evolved! And no worries about being rusty or a bit behind. Everyone is super friendly and helpful so feel free and ask questions, join groups to get gear, and just have fun!

If you are still needing an invite, the easiest way to to apply in game via the guild finder. Just search for Evolved and include your Evolved forum name in the note section. You can also @WoW-A Officer on Discord and ask for an invite that way.

Make sure to reach out if you have any quesitons. You can reach me in on Discord or in game as Starlissa.