League of legends - How to find each other

Looking to play some League of legends? Need some friends to play with? Well add your name to this topic. That way your fellow Evolved Community members can track you down and have some fun.

Please visit the League Of Legends - General Information for some more information on League of Legends.

LordRiakuu - Plat 2 Support Main


TaeVVVarth that’s right 3 v’s


im jed

You can add me to get an invite to the Evolved club.

I can’t remember if it’s Byasaz or Chaixaio one of those two is me

ScottieDont - Main Account
TheGew - Smurf.
Roles : Rusty and Fill.

mannaged to break my account already, new name is

TaeVVarth tw ov’s

User name: Cramoisi

Think the account name is tinsoldier163013

username: LordNevil

username:Stalkerous2019 but name on the account is Stalkerous, my other account was hacked and they refuse to recover it and give it back to me.

Snows Ghost - high silver low gold, Top/ADC/Support :slight_smile:

beepbeepimadog - currently silver 4 but consistently gold ADC / Jungler, haven’t had a ton of time to play this season

WaveOfDlcks - Curr. Plat3 support main