LF an Amazing Gaming Community for ESO


My IRL name is Will, IG name is DmRenni (Yes, Dm stands for Dungeon Master). I’ve played almost every MMO since UO (for those who are too young thats Ultima Online, the first MMO). I played ESO a few years back when it just came out, I would say about 3 years ago. WoW became stale for me, LoA became dead, Albion Online wasn’t fun, it was just one game after the next. So I came to ESO again, and after a few days of playing I had more fun. It took me a while to get to figure out what character I want to play. But I preordered the expac and i’m here for the foreseeable future.

Things I enjoy in games: #1 is always PVP, I’m not great at it but I enjoy it, then it would be PvE (Raiding and Dungeons). Also enjoy fishing LOL odd thing to enjoy but thats one.

Thank you,
DM Renni

My Discord name is Renshiroe


Hey! So glad to have you hear at our community. We have been trying to establish a pvp group - usually its on thursday nights. Check in with @zachpin our pvp officer for some ideas and upcoming events

Welcome to the community!

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Welcome to Evolved!! :slight_smile:

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