Lf guild :)

Hi all, looking to join a guild to get me started in eso, have predominantly played wow for the last 5-6 years but needed a change, I’m new to eso so be gentle! Currently working on a stamina Templar @mastermorteous, looking for advice, guidance and most of all some decent banter!!

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Welcome to Evolved!

I tried to send you an invite in game, but am getting “Account not found” errors. Do you have any capital letters in your ESO name? I know people can’t reach me @bynski, they have to use @Bynski instead.

looking forward to meeting you in game

Hi Belty! Welcome to Evolved! Have fun in ESO.

Hi sorry the name is acutally: Master Morteous

I think that did the trick! You should have an invite waiting next time you log in.

Welcome to Evolved! I hope you have fun and enjoy your adventures with Evolved in ESO! :slight_smile: