List of Banned/kicked/removed players with explanation

In the interest of transparency between leadership and its members I feel it’s important to have a section of the forums and discord, viewable by members, of individuals who were banned with an explanation/evidence of why they were banned.

After a meeting on 12/15/2021 one of the speakers, Hijak, is no longer a part of the Evolved Server. During the meeting he got heated; as did many of those who attended considering the nature of what was being discussed.

During the meeting, an individual Erq asked pointed, hard questions without the intent to remain in the community - during the meeting was removed and subsequently banned ( as stated by Cataclysm when asked during the meetings closing).

If Grimmie was banned from the community for whatever was in her post that was deleted by the bot/by the leadership, it’s important that members know why. Having a member of the guild’s Board be banned ( if she was banned ) is a huge upset in the normal flow of things within the community. In this event, I feel it is also important that the board/tri vote for the removal of grimmie be published.

Without any documentation, there is no transparency or accountability between the leadership of the community and the members.

Avasti, thanks for taking the time to write your questions in the feedback section. We wanted to let you know that we have read this and will be replying when we can. With everything that has happened the past few days and with the fact that it is the holiday time frame and most of us have real life stuff going on with our family and work, it will take us a bit of time to be able to respond fully. We don’t want to give a quick rushed response so will be taking the time as a group to reply to your post.