Lonely player seeks the warmth and embrace of a new guild

And also because my good friends Jester and Doople happened to tell me that Evolved is the bees knees. I’ve been playing WoW since Beta (NE Hunter, forgive me), but saw the error of my ways and moved to Horde as a UD Priest thru vanilla, BE Pally in BC/WOTLK, then dabbled in various other classes since then. Currently I’m playing a hunter to compliment Jester’s DK tank, and Doople’s druid/monk healing. Will play whatever is needed/required but also looking to be fairly casual until Shadowlands.

If you need blood type, land lord references, or a written notary statement from my ex-wife attesting to the merits of my good character and general sense of humor- just let me know.

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Well hi there. We’d be happy to have you and are willing to forgive any previous alliance transgressions. :smile: Feel free to /who Evolved Gaming in-game and ask anyone to be pointed at an officer for an invite. Most of us will be on this evening for raid. You can also join our discord via the link of this website, if you haven’t yet. The bot will DM you to get you set up.

Welcome home, Serrenn! It’s a pleasure to have you here with us. :smile:

Thank you Modenius!

WELCOME! dont be lonely no more!