Long time player looking to join


I have a pair of toons I recently transferred over to Proudmoore-A. My main is a healing type priest, I can play either Holy or Disc, prefer to raid Holy and M+ as disc, but can swap as needed for whatever seems best! My alt is a mainly Havoc DH…for laughs I try to tank on her in some lower M+s :sweat_smile:

I’ve raided pretty much every tier since BC at some level or another. I got AoTC for the recent tier, then guild drama happened so took a few months off, but am looking to find a new home for SLs. I am looking to join your team(s) as some IRL friends highly recommended this guild. I also have a friend who usually sticks with me who is a Blood DK/Ele Shammy who may follow along at some point as well!

My toons on Proudmoore are Caliicei (priest) and Caliicice (Dh). I go by “Cali” since most my toons have that in their name somehow. Looking forward to hearing from you!

B.Net: calicice#1830
Discord: Calicice12#2486

Hello Cali and welcome to Proudmoore!

Evolved is pretty active as far as raiding and running keys. Even now, at the very tail end of this never-ending xpac, we still have enough raiders to run 2 heroic teams. Something I found different about Evolved’s raiding philosophy compared to my old guild, is we let our raiders play what they like as far as classes / specs / and soon covenants. We have a large enough player base we’ve been able to pad out our team comps without the usual drama of too many class-whatevers. And as far as the teams go, the idea is to keep all heroic teams balanced for equal progression. We don’t have a “good” team and a “not so good” team. That takes work to balance and keep everyone happy, but I totally love it. For mythic keystones, we have people that are brand new and learning, those that like running lower keys (+2 to +6) and even people that push +20s. If you like running keys, you’ll find plenty of people to run with. Most of the time groups can be found hanging out in our discord chats looking for higher keys, or posting in gchat for lower key help. We can always use more healers and tanks, especially for running keys. When you’re ready to join us in Evolved, you can /who evolved and ask any member for an officer, or join our discord and ping the WoW-A officers for an invite!

You are more than welcome to join our discord server and poke around in the meanwhile. Get a feel for the WoW-A guild and the community as a whole. When you join the discord, you will have to align your forum account with your discord account.

Discord: https://discord.gg/XSnHUuV

use these commands:

.iam Calicice

.setRole WoW-A

Let me know if you have any questions!

IGN: Meddah-Proudmoore
Discord: Meddah#5457