Looking for a guild

I have some experience with heroic raiding along with +10ish M+ dungeons, looking to expand my skills and experience through the help of guild.

462 BM hunter along with a bunch of other 440+ toons on the alliance, haven’t decided if i want to transfer any of them yet. I have a problem of not being able to pick a main…

My fiance may be interested in joining too, but she’s casual. Mainly mount collects

we both started playing WoW with the launch of BFA, looking forward to the launch of SL

My disc is zforzimmer#1084 and my bnet is suicideking#11469

Hello and welcome to Evolved. Just have your Wife sign up to the website the same way you did. If your looking for a invite just either hop on discord and follow the Jed bot to get AUTH with our server or just do a /who Evolved Gaming and ask a member for an officer.

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Hello and Welcome to Evolved!

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