Looking for a home

Hello there.
I saw your recruitment post on the Area52 forums. I’m a returning player. Played on and off throughout the years. I haven’t seriously raided in awhile as my last raid team was made up of rl friends and once that group broke up, things seemed to be difficult to get off the ground.
However, I am interested in possibly raiding. (If i’m good enough. Not really sure, it’s been awhile.)
I play a warrior and enjoy Prot and Arms to the most at the moment. Started playing again and managed to scrounge up some basic gear and get myself to 430 something. From what I see, that is low now, but I’m looking forward to working at it.
Figured why not find a few others to work at theirs as well? Maybe I’m not the only one around in the same ilvl range?

Either way, I’d like to at least check everyone out and see how things go.

In-game name: Ahnanixul

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Welcome! :slight_smile: