Looking to Join (A)


I saw your recruitment post on the WoW forums and it caught my eye.

When reading through your charter it said something about an application that you would have access to once your account was verified and I have not seen it yet. I was wondering where I could find that.

Sorry in advance if I am slow to respond to anything, I am in the part of California that has been heavily affected by the wildfires. I am safe but there is a good chance my power will be unstable over the next few days.

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Hello and Welcome to Evolved! Hope you stay safe, the Cali fires can get to be really scary!

The application is really just registering on our forums, which you have already done :slight_smile: All you have left to do is get an invite to the guild. Easiest way is to join our Discord and follow the instructions the bot gives you to set up your member permissions. After that, just jump down to #WoW-A chat and ask for an invite. You can also search for Evolved via the guild finder and apply there. Just make sure you include your Evolved forum name in the note section! If you have any questions or need help, don’t hesitate to ask!

Look forward to seeing you in game! :smiley:

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