Looking to join Evolved

Hello Evolved! I’m a long time Warcraft player who is looking to join your guild. I played very seriously from Vanilla to Lich King–and then sort of dabbled in WoW, casually playing off and on as a solo player for years. Current events have left us with some serious time on our hands, my wife has rejoined me in Warcraft, and now we’re playing in a somewhat-serious-but-not-too-serious manner.

The last guild I was in, many years ago, was also a mature, community-focused guild like Evolved. It was a good fit, and I’m hoping this will be a good fit!

My name is Nathan IRL, and my main on Proudmoore is a night elf balance druid named Talaste.


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Heya and welcome back to wow, and welcome to Evolved! We have a few players that just recently came back either from the start of BFA or a few x-pacs back. Always feel free to ask any questions you might have for the new stuff.

I am currently about to eat Dinner, but you can whisper someone in game to see if an officer is online, or you can join our discord, follow the bot-spam to set your roll and @wow-a officer there and someone will get you.

If you’re still looking in an hour or so I’ll hop on and get you

Hello and Welcome to Evolved! Glad you guys decided to join us. It’s always fun being able to have your partner join you in games like this. We have quite a few other couples in Evolved as well :slight_smile: Look forward to seeing you both in game!

Thank you! Sorry I haven’t been on since I applied – my bad for doing so right before a holiday weekend! The good news is, we will both be on tonight for some time. I look forward to meeting you all in game.

nice, we raid tonight so there will be plenty of officers online. You can look for us with the (wow-a)(o) tag in discord or just pm any Evolved member in game and they will point you to one!