Looking to Join Evolved


I found this guild with the guild finder feature in game. I’ve played WoW since retail release and played Everquest for years before that. I am returning to WoW after I stopped playing in Legion.

I primarily play a paladin, I do enjoy the challenge of holy spec in raids and groups but I do also like to play protection and retribution. I also have 110 mage, druid, warlock, hunter on this server that would tag along with me if possible.

I’m mostly focused on just catching up and being ready for the new expansion, playing solo gets kind of boring so I’m looking for a new home to catch up and bring my main toon back up to par.

I like raiding, 5 mans with guildmates, levelling alts, pvp and general shenanigans. Anywho, if theres any more questions i need to answer ill be checking back here to follow up!

I’ll also join the discord and get that rollin’

Thanks for your time