Looking to Join - Saerixx NE Druid

Hi, my name is Justin. I am a 40 year old wow player who has played off and on again since wow launched. I am a stay at home father of three and in my last semester of college. I recently leveled a few characters up on Tichondrius and started a druid on TBC classic but I have yet to find a home.

I am looking for a community that values people over gearscore. I have played alot over the years and been a part of alot of guilds and I am now looking for more of a community to grow with, more than a guild to get loot with. My ingame name is Saerixx. I just started on Proudmoore so my druid is only like level 12 atm but that won’t last long. I plan to get up to to cap and gear out to do Normal raids with the guild. I might dabble in some M+ but to be honest, my sweaty days are behind me and I am just looking for a great group of poeple to hang with and have fun. Thanks for considering me.

Welcome! We are definitely a laid back guild that doesn’t require high end content focus. We offer regular mythic mingles that you can dabble with the m+ system as you want and we will usually have an open normal raid once we get going in heroic that you can casually take part of as well. Really the commitments are whatever gaming goals you have and we are just a fun place to hang and play the way we want.

I tossed you the invite on the guildfinder, but you should receive information to join our discord and set up so you can see all our chat channels. You’ll want to do this as we mostly use discord to chat on voice and otherwise.