Looking to Join - Xauty Space Goat Shaman

Hi! I am Xauty, but you can call me Xaut for short, doesn’t matter to me :smiley: I am a enhancement shaman, looking for a home! I had all AOTC last expansion with the exception of CoS. I didn’t get AOTC for CN because I had quit before my old team achieved it, and then they dropped off the face of the earth, haha. I am 10/10N 9/10H and 2/10M. I do have logs, they aren’t the best, but they aren’t the worst either, I love doing keys, love a little bit of pvp. I also enjoy being social and chatting and yahknow stuff like that.

I started in Wrath, near the beginning I think (2008) I was 6, believe it or not, 19 now, been a long time since the start. I don’t know a lot of things about this game, but I know a good sum to consider myself a veteran, but not a hardcore veteran. I probably have gone on too much, so I’ll cut it short! Thank you for the opportunity, my discord is Xaut#6711 if there’s a need to get into contact with me.

Heya Xauty!

Sounds like you are in need of a new guild and we’d love to have you join us. This the perfect time to join up. We are currently open for sign ups for the new raid. We’ll end up with 3 teams going in to SoD. Sign ups close tomorrow (Friday). Something that amazes me about Evolved is the raiding mentality. We actually want our members to play whatever the heck they want. With a robust roster for 3 teams, we just build the 3 teams as balanced as possible. All 3 teams are equal. None of that “Best Team”, “2nd Place Team”, or “Sad Benched Players” team stuff here.

There isn’t an application process to join, so you are ready for a g invite. We love finding new guildies and building up our community. Let us know if you have any questions!

To help you get started:

Discord link: https://discord.com/invite/XSnHUuV

To setup discord:

  1. go to the #jedbot-authentication channel
  2. use these commands to align your discord account with your forum name and unlock the server:
    .iam Xauty
    .setrole WoW-A

Guild Invite:

  1. you can use the in game guild finder. Make sure to just note your forum name from here “Xauty”
  2. you can use “/who evolved” and ask an online member to point you to an officer for invite
  3. ask in discord. In discord after you do the above setup, scroll WAYYYYYY down to the WoW-A area. You can go to WoW-A Chat and @WoW-A Officer to ask for an invite to the guild. We’ll need your in game name and forum name for invite.

New member info: WoW-A New Member Guide

IGN: Meddah-Proudmoore