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Hello Evolved!

I saw the most recent reddit thread recruiting new folks to join your community. I am getting back into wow after taking a small break and am looking for a social and friendly group of folks to to enjoy the game with. I have played since 2007 and have enjoyed everything from raiding, mythic +, transmog, pet battles, and even a little high level pvp.

Your guild sounds exactly like where I’d like to be: casual, active, but still playing the game regularly. I would love to join up with you guys if you think I’d be a fit!

In-game character: Balandar (120 DH - Area 52)

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Glad to welcome you home :blush:

Thank you so much! :grin:

If your looking to join up with our horde brand of wow feel free to get in touch with me
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I tried searching for you ealier you may have been offline at the time :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome. I just send you a friend request. (WallyWest is my bnet)

Hello and Welcome to Evolved! Look forward to seeing you in game :smiley: Make sure to reach out if you have any questions!