Looking to join

I saw this guild on reddit and it had a ton of members hyping it up. I would really like to find a guild I could stay with and isn’t dead going into shadowlands. I sent a request via in game guild finder. I am a player switching from horde tichondrius to proudmoore alliance. I main a frost/fire mage. I am currently leveling a void elf mage and I transferred my alt Prot paladin Ilvl 400 to proudmoore. I still need to gear my paladin but won’t take long. I also will eventually server/faction change my sin rogue which is ilvl 455. I mainly like to raid and grind mythic+.
My in game name for my
mage is onèshòt
Paladin is oneshotts

Nice to meet you, I played on Tichondrius way way back for a brief minute. I don’t have super admin powers, but please set up on discord, we can help talk you through using the Jedbot to get signed up and that will help with getting you started.

We are definitely active, so I hope you enjoy our shenanigans.