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Hello! I found your recruitment post on the forums and was delighted to find a guild that actually stands out to me! I wanted to make a post here instead of adding anyone to discord because, well for one my recruitment situation may be a little bit unconventional, but also it’s been so long since I’ve seen a guild that has a forum I just had to pay it a visit.

So for starters, my main is not currently on Proudmoore. Hell, it’s not even on Alliance. Was both of those until a few weeks ago when I transferred it to Horde thinking I’d be playing with a friend in Shadowlands, but now he’s bowing out so I’m coming back (when I can, probably not this week.) Also I’m going to be moving across the US in a little over 2 weeks! I don’t expect much downtime, but either way these two things mean I’m applying but I don’t know how much in-game presence I’m going to have immediately. You guys seem like too good of an opportunity for me to pass up though, so here I am, weird situations aside.

A bit about me - I go by Nyu normally. I’m a 30 year old guy who has been playing WoW off and on (mostly off for many years if I’m being honest) since I was 14! I have every class at 120 though they are spread out across factions and servers. I’m a leveling addict and though I have every class at 120, I’ve leveled duplicate classes to 120 quite a lot too, especially for allied race heritage armors that I will never actually use. I haven’t had a guild in like 3 years in WoW, so connecting with a community again will be big and I’m hoping to find a new home that will not only revitalize WoW for me but also bring me more happiness and meaningful connections that have been wavering over time with me not meeting many new people. I’m currently in Florida, and about to move to Colorado! My schedule has been odd for some time and while I have general interest in raiding I’m not applying for the specific intent of raiding as I honestly can’t say with confidence right now that I’d be able to or not, but the casual activities listed in the guild recruitment ad sounded great, so I can only imagine I’d have a ton of fun with you guys.

Thanks for reading!

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Hello Nyu!!

Sounds like you have a couple of busy weeks ahead! When you are ready to transfer, you definitely have a place here at Evolved. We have plenty of members that don’t care for raiding, so don’t feel like it’s required at all. We try to keep active throughout the week with a little something for everyone. Honestly, that’s the secret to keeping people engaged and and keeping a Guild alive and going at the end of an expansion. You are coming back at a great time. I’m sure there will be a rush of new people re-joining the game for Shadowlands.

Until you have a chance to transfer, feel free to join our Discord server and get to know us! When you join the server you will need to join your website account with your discord name. Then you will be given full access to the server. You can read through all our shenanigans or even come hangout in voice to meet us!

go to: #Jedbot-Authentication

use the command: .iam Kuronyo

then: .setRole WoW-A

…and welcome back to Alliance!!

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welcome home!

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