Lost Ark Meeting Notes

Hello and welcome everyone to the Lost Ark first kick starter meeting. We are happy that we are getting a new game getting started with in our community. First things first is we want everyone to head up the the Reaction-Roles channel at the top of discord and make sure you are getting the role tag. This will ensure that when any news, events and other things going on you will be able to keep up to date with the information. Other wise make sure you always scroll up to the days start point and read.


We had a few different polls over the last few weeks with which one is best… Do we go West… Do we go East… With all the information i have gathered it seems like the East side is the best due to AGS recognizing that when the EU people play there best pings are on the West. With there only being 3 servers it also made us kinda nervous for the longevity of lost ark as well.

So with that being said it looks like we are going to be going East side and the server as per the poll is UNA.

I know there might be some concerns with picking what could be the mid pack med to higher pop server. Please keep in mind that there is 30k person per server and if for some reason or another that there is insane queue times leading up until the 11th we could / might change the server based on what happens.


I know there might be some questions but please hold them until the end.


Found out from doing some digging all guilds have a 30 person cap. By doing different different achievements / quests the player cap will grow up to 250 (Updated as per todays AGS news). So the faster we can create a guild and get these quests going for the achievements needed the faster we can start getting more people in and we hope to keep growing this part of our community.

We will do our best to get extra satellite guilds created but keep in mind lots will be leveling as well so please be patient.

To learn more about the guild system make sure to check out the following video by legacy gaming

What do i do

Each and everyone of you are looking for the answers on what to do and how to get there. Which class and spec is the best of the best. Whats the fastest way to get to end game. At the end of day we are all built different so please attempt to do the following.

  • Overwhelming amount of information and content out there. Yep. There is almost 4 years of content with 4 years of youtube videos out there saying this that and everything else. Try and just figure out the basics first like leveling, each currency and go from there. The pins in the lost ark channel has a list of amazing content creators and websites to assist you.

  • What class and spec you want to play. You dont know how this will even play out so also take the time to play different classes early on cause the one you are choosing now might not be the one you will be playing a month from now. No one will ever beable to tell you what to play and how to play it but you will need to figure out over time which one suites you so take your time.

  • Be social. This game is about the MMO experience and we want to include everyone in all of the content but it really starts with you. You should make an effort to be on the discord even if you dont want to talk or you are shy. Come into the channel muted if you choose. Come learn our voices. Come check out and listen to what is going on

  • Grouping up is always a better way to go but solo is just as good. This game is tailored to everyone. They have really made this game exciting with all the Solo to group content that you can do its really amazing to be honest. But things are always better with friends so create that bond with each other.

  • Have fun and take your time. Please dont feel rushed. Play the way you want to and enjoy the game. Dont feel you are left in the dust cause jimbob has 6 toons at max level. You do you and enjoy the amazing amount of content Lost Ark has to offer.


I (Cataclysm) am going to be taking the leadership role attempting to be moving Lost Ark into something more within our community. Any extra help is always needed/wanted cause there is so many systems in the game that are confusing and hard to understand. Its really a team effort to be honest of us all working together to better each other for the long haul of this game.

If you are interested in assisting please DM myself. If you are looking to just be a side line helper please just do what you do by assisting with any recruitment posts we will have as well as keep discord text and voice channels chatty by giving any new information and pointing people to the pins.


if anyone has any questions please feel free to ask them.

Q: Who will get into the guild? Will it be first come first server
A: Yes, First come first server. We will try and get the guild leveling started so we can raise the cap but we will also get alt guild started asap for the 11th

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Awesome can’t wait to jump in and start playing. A new mmo is always my most favorite. A lot of content to play and new adventures to have with people. We aren’t used to getting finished games now days so this is a treat.

With guild cap be sure to be paying attention to discord as that is going to probably be the main place people are forming groups. You will miss out if you aren’t in voice and paying attention to the chat Chanel as well.

Should be a fun adventure!

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