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Lost Ark - Free to Play MMO Action RPG is set to release on Feb 8th for Early Access. This does require you purchase a Founders Pack to play. But on Feb 11th, the game will launch Free to Play and open to anyone that wants to try it out.

We know many from around our community have been chatting about it via voice as well as in the various different chat channels. We are currently trying to gauge the amount of interest for Lost Ark. We need everyone to take the time to vote if you are looking to play the game so that we can see if need to make a game role for it.

If we do a bunch of people looking to play Lost Ark is there anyone interested in leading the game, starting it up, or recruit to help it grow? If so please contact any one of the Tri / Board members.

Lost Ark Info

  • Looking to play Lost Ark
  • Might Dabble

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10+ people have showed they are looking to play/dabble in Lost Ark. Its now a Role and you can get it via the reaction roles on discord. If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask in Gaming chat.