Man, what a day

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As some of you may know, I am facing eviction at the end of this month. I had mentioned that I had found a new place to live.

TL;DR turns out it was a scam, and I lost all of the money I saved the last three months. I get paid tomorrow, so the process can start anew; but the end of the month is creeping up, and I will now be working with significantly less money than I was before.

It really bums me out that people do this to each other. I am the kind of person who would have just given the dude my money if he really needed it. You don’t have to lie and steal from me. Money is a meaningless, made up silliness that I only care enough about to pay the bills and eat.

I don’t know. Just makes me wonder why I am so conscientious of being kind to others sometimes. Human beings can be so disappointing.

I <3 you guys. Thanks for listening.


I’m so sorry to hear that Noise, that’s just awful. :frowning: There are some ugly people in the world. Hoping some good luck finds it’s way to you!

Hang in there! Please report it to authorities, even if nothing might not happen right away

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That’s terrible news Noise, but I’m sure you’ll come out just fine at the end of it. Remember you can always reach out to any of us if you need to talk or anything.

Thanks, guys. I did report it to the police, and I found the actual owner and told him as well.

Thanks again, you guys are the best.

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