May 2021 Meeting Notes

May 16th 2021

Present: Cataclysm, Taevarth, Scybil, Jed, Burden, Nef, Starlynk

Board/Tri: Cataclysm, Taevarth, Star

Watch what happened live from Cata’s Streaming Video

History of Evolved

In August of 2018, Evolved was conceived to provide a drama-free, family-oriented, and people-focused environment for mature gamers who wished to play online without the antics often found in open games. We believe that the person behind the keyboard is more important than the pixels on the screen and that everyone should have the opportunity to play without fear of being harassed, heckled, or abused.

Check out the rest of our Evolved History. Also make sure to take the time to check out the Overall Evolved Charter.

Leadership Introductions - Cata

Histroy of Cata as GL

At the tail end of MOP during the last raid tier. I created the WoW Alliance Retail guild. We started off with 7 members. By the end of MOP going into WOD we had roughly 100+ accounts and we were on our way into raiding. Over the course of WoD, Legion and the start of BFA. I lead the WoW alliance with the 2 best XO’s a GL could ask for miss Skye and Isilaura. During BFA i stepped down as GL to focus more on the Evolved Community.

Now once again im back in the saddle trying to create another wonderful experience for you. Our members of the Evolved Gaming Community.

Executive Officer

Hi Friends! For those that do not know, my name is Taevarth. I’ve been in a WoW guild with Cata since the end of WoD. So we have a history together. I’ve officered for Cata in Legion and BFA. I was a officer in SL for Issy, but I needed a break from retail. My main goal is to help Cata run this ship, he’s been doing this a long time to much success, so that pretty much entails me helping out when he is on 14 day in a row work schedule again. I want every member to feel they can come to me with anything. And I want everyone here to enjoy TBC with us, thanks!

Recruiting Officer

Good afternoon ladies, gents, and warlocks. I go by Scybil, or Scrybil and I will be the TBC Classic RO. I have been playing WoW since the invasions of the Pandas and have been leading guilds and other groups in past lives in alternate games. Although I may not have been with Cata and Tae for as long as others, I am looking forward to growing with them, helping build the community, and getting to know all of you. So make sure you come and introduce your self on our forum, in game, and in discord. We are excited to hear about your story as well so check out the Hello and Welcome post on our Classic Forum.

Officer Core - Cata

I am pleased to announce our officer core. We have some amazing great talented officers that are here for each and everyone of you. Aside from our Classic-A Charter we also have what are officers do around here. So make sure you check out our Classic-A Ranking System to find out some more info. But we are going to start some intro’s so you get to know them.


Hello everyone, I’m Jed, your raid leader going into TBC. I’ve been a part of the community since the beginning, back in 2018. My role here is to help us succeed as a guild in raids and give everyone who wants to an opportunity to re-live the glory days in Karazhan, or maybe if you missed TBC years ago, experience the fall of Illidan for the first time. In a little bit here, I’ll go over raid rules and what you can expect when signing up to raid with us in TBC. I’m excited to be reunited with familiar faces, and meet all the new members we’ve recruited for Classic.


Hi. I am Burden. I have been playing World of Warcraft since the original Beta and have extensive experience in raiding and raid leading. I will be helping Nef and Jed out as a Raid Assistant for Evolved. I am excited to get the opportunity to relive this content with all of you and guide some of you through your first encounters in Outland. Outside of raiding I am always open to help out with dungeon runs, quest completions, or basic game knowledge assistance. If you ever need a hand or have a question, feel free to reach out to me in-game or on Discord.


Hey everyone, I’m Nef or Nefarious and I’m one of the two raid assists within the guild. My job here is to help Jed, our raid leader with raid strategies and overall organization of the raid as a whole. Including but not limited to things like calling out raid mechanics and targets to kill. In addition to that, when we do actually start raiding, I will be actively looking within the raid logs to review the performance of all raiders. And depending on what I see, good or bad. I’ll be going over it with you, The Raider. And if necessary, Burden or Jed will also be on standby incase their perspective is needed. That’s all I have to say. I’m looking forward to raiding with you all in BC.”


Hello, I am not Star, so anyone familiar with the real Star, know that I am not her. I am Starlynk and I’ve been helping with the Classic side of things. My purpose is to help with recruiting along with Scybil. In game, I get to spam the zones about Evolved and answer questions. Other than that and the behind the scenes activities, I am usually chatty Kathy in game. Any questions you have, I’m there to answer them. Need an alt invited, just ask. Confused about how to do things in Discord or on the Website, I’m a good go to as well for that stuff. If I don’t have the answer, I can find out or direct y’all to the right resource.

If you are interested in helping Evolved Classic guild grow, ask Scybil or myself on how to bump the various forum posts and how we recruit in game. Recruitment is the only way we can keep growing and moving forward. And our raiders will be happy to have more people available to take down those bosses.

Thanks for the opportunity to be there for each of you and look forward to TBC and the fun times there.

Guilds Core Beliefs - Tae

We are looking to do all kinds of different areas of TBC. Leveling will be the first, im sure lots of members have different Characters, Classes and specs they are looking at playing, through questing or dungeons. Please dont think about what the guild needs and more on how you as a person can play your toon to the best of there abilities.

Some members have expressed interest in battle grounds and arenas. So im sure we will get some amount of members doing that. So be on the look out for some PvP action in the weeks to come.

We are looking at doing all the raiding content. But our RL and RA will talk about that in just a minute.

Recruitment - Scybil / Starlynk

Right now, we are still actively recruiting like minded individuals who are interested in leveling, running dungeons, raiding, PvPing, and overall just being awesome and having fun. We are casually recruiting at this point; however, once Team Jed has a better idea of any specific classes or finally comes to term with the need for additional space goats, we will then shift our focus to those as our primary while still welcoming all with open arms. Our primary recruiting mediums will continue to be the Wow Pagle Forum, General WoW Forum, the Classic TBC Reddit, and in game. If anyone has any additional ideas or areas where you would have searched, please let us know. What we would like to accomplish is to get a more personal feel to our forum bumps.

So I would like to request if all members could reply once, only 1 person a day, on the Pagle forum post of 1 good experience of memory or situation that makes you happy and/or proud to be part of Evolved. Once again, I am so excited for the opportunity to help grow and expand this guild and this community and watch as we all evolve. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me via Discord or in game if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions.

Raiding - Jed/Burden/Nef


If you’ve been raiding with us in retail WoW, you’ll quickly find out things are a bit different on the classic side of things.

Some things to expect: No flex raids, in TBC raid compositions will consist of either 10 players ( Kara / ZA ) or 25 players for everything else. What this means is attendance is going to play a much more important role than it does in retail. If we have, say, 2-3 people calling out every night, it severely hinders our ability to progress and complete the raids. We understand that real life comes first, so don’t stress too much if something comes up and you truly cannot make it to a raid night, but keep in mind that if you’re consistently missing raids, you may be replaced by someone who we can rely on to show up on time and prepared every night.

You’ll also notice that we have master looter as an option, and with that comes numerous methods in which we can distribute loot. We’ve come up with what we think is the most fair system to do so. We will have a Soft Reserve system with a 2 item per raid loot limit. Soft Reserve simply means that you can pick any one item that drops from the raid ahead of time. If that item drops, you will have priority on it, along with anyone else who might have soft reserved the same item. If you’re the only person who reserved the item, it’s yours automatically.

If another person soft reserved it, you will both roll on it, but nobody else in the raid will be able to roll. For any items that are not soft reserved, they will be rolled off MS > OS. Each player will be able to win 2 items per raid. When deciding on this cap, we had in mind those players who are just truly unlucky with rolls. We’ve all been to raids where one person has insane luck and wins 5-6 items and you walk away empty handed. That’s what we want to prevent with this system.


Attunements… yes, attunements. If you’re not yet aware, nearly every end game raid and heroic dungeon will require some sort of attunement to enter. This is NOT something you can skip out on if you are wanting to raid with us. We have resources within the forums that will help you figure out exactly what you need to do to get your attunements done. Keep in mind this is a LENGTHY process, that will require a LOT of dungeons/reputation/etc. Don’t let Illidan catch you unprepared.

Speaking of being prepared, you will be expected to show up to raids with your gear fully gemmed and enchanted, and you should have proper consumables for your class/spec. In TBC, this generally means a food buff and flask. For some classes you may also have specific potions you want to bring as well. Do your homework and you’ll be fine.

Everything I covered here and more can be referenced in the Classic-A Raiding Information post on the forums. Keep in mind that these rules exist not to punish you the player, but so we as a guild can succeed and not waste everyone’s precious time.

So, you’ve read the rules, you’ve done the research, you’re probably now wondering “how do I sign up to raid?” Raid signups will be available 1-2 weeks into the expansion. I will only be accepting members who sign up for the raid roster once they have completed the Karazhan attunement. So, if you want to raid, your goal should be to get to 70 and get this attunement done as soon as you can.


Our raid times will be Friday-Saturday at 8:30 ET - 11:00 ET. We understand that this doesn’t work for everybody. If there was a time and day that worked for everybody, we’d pick it in a heartbeat. But unfortunately no matter what we pick, we know some people won’t be able to make it. With that in mind, we will have off-night raids that anyone will be able to sign up for, regardless of if they are on the main raid roster or not. The same raid rules apply to these raids, so you’ll still want to come prepared with gems/enchants and consumables. Signups for these raids will be made available 3-4 nights before they are scheduled to take place, so you’ll have a chance to plan ahead.

And finally, I’m sure you’re tired of me talking by now, I just have one last thing to mention. As I said before, raid sizes are 10 man for Kara / ZA and 25 man for everything else. Managing raid rosters with this in mind will be tricky. While we will try our best to get everyone onto a raid roster that wants to raid, we’ll have to make difficult decisions sometimes. Some people will have to sit if we’re above 25 but not close enough to 50 for a second group, for example.

Raiding in Classic WoW is a new endeavor for us here at Evolved, and will definitely be a learning experience. Rules can and will change as we deem necessary. We are open to any and all feedback.

Feel free to reach out to myself, Burden or Nefarious with any questions or concerns you have about raiding. We’re here to help.

Thanks for your time. We look forward to raiding with you all in TBC.

Classic-A Trade Chat - Scybil

Today in discord, we will be introducing a new channel for something we feel is going to be a great asset: a Trade Chat. This will be a channel where everyone can request certain items or post items you are interested in trading amonst fellow guildies. As well as our new channel, we are going to start capturing profession data so we know who in our guild has what professions and they are maxed. This way you know exactly who to @ in our Trade chat, to find out if they have the pattern you need for gear or enchants or food/flask. This channel all depends on each guildie paying attention to discord, so make sure you check in and stay up to date and follow our new Trade Chat Channel!

Q&A - Cata/Tae

Cata I gave you a lot of speak time, I can do Q&A if you wish.

Closing - Cata

Most of us have been playing this game for years, some of us are just picking up Classic for the first time. We are all here for the same goal and that is to move forward into all of the content. Please keep in mind to accept constructive criticism. You may not be the best at what you are attempting to explain and dont take offense when asked to stop. We are a family. We are going to argue. We are not always going to see eye to eye.

But i have always went with what is for the betterment of the guild as well as the community when myself and our leadership team or with the Tri / Board to make this guild and community a great home for everyone. One word of advice… please i know lots will always have questions feel free to ask them… BUT… 95% of all of our information is on the Website, Forums, Announcement’s, Pins and @ mentions. So attempt to find the information your self cause it is out there.

If anyone has any questions, comments or concerns. Please reach out the the Classic-A Officers. We cant assist or fix or correct things if we dont know whats going on. Dont bottle it up and explode at us weeks or months down the road. Keep all lines of communication open.