McCree - Guides, Tips & Tricks

Damage Character

Difficulty Level :star: :star:

Armed with his Peacekeeper revolver, McCree takes out targets with deadeye precision and dives out of danger with eagle-like speed.

There’s three effective ways to play Mcree now that they increased the maximum damage range before it falls off, the first way to play Mcree is to play him as a flanker, Due to the flashbang/fan the hammer combo you can dish out a high damage burst during a quick stun, effectively killing any non tank character if all the shots from your fan the hammer hit, which opens up the fight and allows your team to capitalize on the ensuing team fight. You can also use the flanking deadeye strategy, which is a high risk, high reward type of play, you are extremely vulnerable when ulting and as soon as they enemy team realized you are behind them they will throw all their cc at you, If doing this try to wait until you hear the enemy team use important long range cc abilities, such as : sleep dark, deflect, roadhog hook, ect. Make sure you are far enough away from short range cc abilities as well.

The 2nd way to play Mcree is to frontline behind your main tanks, as long as your behind a shield you are usually safe from enemy fire, allowing you longer periods of time to track enemies and land your shot. When using deadeye with this type of play, make sure your tanks block you from any threats, zarya bubble is great for this, or having a Reinhardt shield.

As a general tip with deadeye, Don’t think of his ult as a, Teamkilling ult, there is very few times where Mcree’s deadeye will get more than 1-2 enemies, try to use his ult to take care of any high priority targets, while they are most vulnerable. Best example would be using your deadeye to kill a Ulting mercy, since she will most likely be high in the air and not have time to go behind cover before being killed. You can also use Deadeye to “zone” the enemy team, making them stay off the objective during times that they need to be on it. Overtime when you control the point, or when your about to escort the payload to the next point. In those scenarios your not really using Deadeye to get any kills, your more or less putting pressure on the enemy team, and keeping them for initiating a successful push.

The last way to play Mcree is to use him as a “peel” Whenever your backlines are being harassed you can make it your job, to kill the flankers or just discourage them from attacking. This works especially well against Tracer, Genji, and Doomfist. A good tracer will use their blinks to either bait, or stay out of range of your flashbang, so if you know she is aware of your presence, try to predict her next blink and click her head when she gets stunned. With genji, just be sure to not flash bang into his deflect, you can throw it around or near their feet to prevent this.