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Happy New Year everyone! We hope you had a great and wonderful Holiday filled with many magical moments that you will remember for a long time. And now that we are into a New Year, we are looking forward to the future of our community. As we had mentioned previously, we have some ideas of things to implement to try and improve our community.

These will take time to fully flesh out, so please be patient with us. We want to do what is best for our amazing community and are looking forward to seeing what great things happen next for us.

We are still in the process of revising and updating our Evolved charter. We’ve had to cut out, and reword many different sections to try and make the charter stronger going forward. This is a project that will take time because we want to make sure its done in a way to help make it last a long time.

Suggestions / Feedback
We have heard that some of you would like ways to submit feedback that doesn’t not involve the forums. Soon we will have a bot program where you can give feedback and it’s 100% anonymous (Leadership/Officers have helped us test this) so you all can have peace of mind when submitting something. We value your feedback and hope this will help people feel more comfortable giving it to us.

** Tri/Board, Leadership and Officers**
We have the best intentions for the guild and do not kick people if they have a bad day. We are here for you. We are available via text or chat–whichever you prefer. We are here for a one-on-one or in a group. Please come and chat if you need to talk.

Best Wishes
We want to wish our community a great and Happy New Year. We hope 2021 is behind us and we can move forward into 2022. Thanks for making our community a great place to be!


We’ve passed the Holiday season and are headed into the new year. FFXIV has released their first Savage difficulty of the first raid tier and will resume selling copies soon. The upcoming delayed SWTOR expansion is coming soon. We’re looking at some big games releasing down the road, but more immediately the following items may be of interest.

One of the first battle royales that spawned the craze is going free to play and offers squad modes that people can team up on. I’ve always enjoyed this game and if you didn’t want to spend money before, it might be a good time to check it out. https://na.battlegrounds.pubg.com/

As stated before SWTOR will be having it’s next expansion of story drop and has just had it’s 10th anniversary. Now’s a good time to get caught up on the story prior to the expansion. https://www.swtor.com/

Lost Ark
And just now releasing, Lost Ark is a “new” to the US MMO that resembles Diablo, but goes deeper and will be releasing the free to play model on February 11. Definitely something worth checking out. https://www.playlostark.com/en-us


Hope everyone is having a fantastic week and 2022 is off to a good start! We have gotten numerous feedback from various members about having a way on Discord to submit Feedback/Suggestions instead of having to use the forum thread we have set up. We have been working on the best solution and are excited to announce we have it and it’s ready to go!

Feedback Bot: You will now notice on Discord a new section feedback . If you have any questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, etc please take the time to go there and fill out the quick survey. Your submission will be 100% anonymous but will be very helpful and valuable in assisting us to find ways to improve Evolved. Just a note though, you can only submit once every 7 days so make sure when you are filling it out to include everything you are interested in telling us!

Evolved Bookclub: For those of you that weren’t aware, we have a bookclub in Evolved. We have read a ton of amazing books and had great discussions as a group. The voting for next month’s book will be starting later today so now is a great time to jump in! If you have any questions or want more info, feel free to message me on Discord!

Please make sure you are checking the various pins for the games you play as a ton of helpful, useful information can be found there! As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to any of the Tri/Board members! We are here to help, but can’t if we are unaware of issues that occur.

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Greetings everyone! So far we are off to the start of a great new year. We gained 2 new board members, Microsoft bought Activision/Blizzard, Sony bought Bungie, and WoW finally realized that cross faction game play is needed. We are in for one heck of a gaming ride now.

We have been hearing around the water cooler that more of our members wish to be more social. Well this starts with you! So hop on Discord when playing games and hang out with not just the game you are playing, but with others from around the community as well. We are all gamers and we all have the same passion.

The #feedback channel is there for any and all that wish to answer some questions and provide some feed back on how we can make our community more great for all of you. So please take the time so we can better hear your thoughts.

Lost Ark
Lost Ark is coming up on Feb 8th. We have some members looking to play this game. Currently there is a poll in the gaming-chat (Check the Pins) for which server to play on as well. We are looking to set up a meeting for Monday Feb 7th at 6pm PST (7mst | 8cst | 9est) for those interesting in joining us.

We are still looking for a member to step up and lead this new game. Without any type of leadership, it will be just a casual game within our community. If you are interested at helping Lost Ark grow, please get in contact with any Tri/Board member.

Always remember that our doors are always open. If you are needing to talk, vent, or voice some concerns please reach out to us. Wishing you all the best this month.


Happy February all! We’re in a big gaming month with Dying Light 2, Elden Rings, and Horizen Zero Dawn 2 all coming out this month. WOW will have the 9.2 patch coming soon, SWTOR released their latest expansion, Guildwars 2 has new content on the 28th, Destiny 2 has their new expansion as well, and Lost Ark has released and has been a pretty popular new title with Evolved. And yet we still have more too look forward too.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-RAqyHU48M For Borderlands fans you probably already know but this will be a D&D themed borderlands adventure that can be played multi-player and will be some good fun.

Babylon’s Fall https://babylonsfall.square-enix-games.com/en-us/#about A new cooperative RPG is coming from Square Enix and looks to be a bit more traditional RPG elements, but also similar in how Outriders played. A demo is being released on 2/25 for playstation and early access will begin 2/28 where if you buy the game your demo progress can carry over.

Lost Ark As mentioned before Lost Ark went live in the US this month and has already become a new chapter in Evolved. If interested make sure you sign up for the Lost Ark role and come find us on UNA in the NA East cluster. We are currently growing the guild so we can let all who are interested play within a single guild, but this progress takes time and we encourage all to be on discord so we can communicate and group with those who might not have access to the guild yet.

If there are any games that you think would be a fun Evolved game please reach out to the Tri/Board to let us know about the game. If you are interested in heading up or helping grow a specific game as well please do the same so we can help provide the resources to grow Evolved as well


Hope everyone’s February went well and March is even better! We want to give a big welcome to all the new/returning members who have joined us recently. It’s always great to see friends return for new game patches or new members who join us in our adventures across whatever game you play.

Social Media: Glimmer has been taken over helping out with our various social media platforms but she needs y ur help for stuff to post there. Feel free to share screenshots, video clips, cool new mounts/transmogs, etc on Discord or message Glimmer with them so they can be shared on our social media. And of course make sure to check out the Evolved Social Media and see what new and exciting info is getting posted there!

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/evolvedgamingcommunity
Twitter - https://twitter.com/Evolved_Gaming_
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/evolvedgamingllc
Twitch - Twitch

Evolved Bookclub: Love reading? Check out the Evolved Bookclub! We have read a ton of amazing books and had great discussions as a group. The voting for March’s book just started so now is a great time to jump in! If you have any questions or want more info, feel free to message me on Discord!

Feedback Bot: Do you have any questions, comments, concerns, suggestions about Evolved? Check out feedback and take the time to fill out the anonymous survey with your input and help us make Evolved as great as possible!



Days are really starting to get longer and it’s noticeable. Windows are starting to get opened to let some fresh air in to get rid of the staleness of winter. Maybe starting to plan some early garden growing in the indoor green house. Either way, for lots of us we are just hoping for no more cold as well as no more snowfall.

Community News
The Tri / Board got together and started working on the charter. With the new Board members in place it really is a breath of fresh air to be moving forward on some projects. No real ETA on when the charter will be complete but our goal is to be working on it every 2 to 3 weeks.

Reaction Roles
Still having lots of members just not getting any @ mentions. This is because you don’t have the reaction-roles for the game you are playing. Make sure to go up and get the roles so you won’t miss out on any more information.

Speaking of information, everything is always kept in the Announcements, Pins, @ mention inbox (upper right hand side) as well as the forums. Sadly discord only allows 2000 letter count and most information is just TDLR to the main information on forums.

Also, when looking on discord the categories are labeled in brackets with which server the game in question is playing on. So if you did not know, now you know.

If for what ever reason you see some misinformation or pins are getting out of hand. Don’t be afraid to let the officers of the game or the Tri / Board know so we can clean some stuff up. After all we are only human and we do forget.

Being a part of a community is about being social. So make sure you are doing just that. Get engaged with the chit chatter of the text channels and join the voice channels. Don’t just feel you need to stay in your own game section. Explore and get evolved with anyone and everyone. We all have the same interests and that’s gaming.





Hope everyone is having a good April so far. I’m sure all the fresh air flowing through that stale household is doing some good. Any big plans for this year? Going any where exciting? Maybe doing some home improvements? Planting a garden? Maybe even changing jobs? Well maybe you don’t know about the following chat channels in the **‘WAY OFF TOPIC’ **section and maybe its time to join in on the fun.

#bookworm | #career-talks | #creative-corner | #food-for-thought | #health-and-wellness | #home-and-garden | #memes | #movies-tv-internet-shows | #sports | #tech-talk

Get Together
Even though we are sadly not doing anything this year we are potentially looking to do something next year in 2023. To help accomplish this we are looking for someone to be our ‘Get Together Director’. Do you like planning events? Do you like hosting? Are you energetic, spunky and mixed with a little bit of silliness? Well you might be who we are looking for and please reach out to any of the Tri / Board for more information.

**Discord Boosters **
We’d really like to thank everyone that shows there support and boosts our community in discord. Without all of you we would not have our vanity URL (https://discord.gg/evolvedgaming) for discord, so thank you very much for the support.

Being Social
We are a community. We play different games at different times for different reasons. But for some people it’s a lot more. Many join a guild or in our case a community not just for gaming but to be apart of something more. So make sure to get involved with our community.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, join in on the text chatter and maybe even venture out of your comfort zone, hop on voice in any of the channels you see someone and chit chat. We all love doing the same thing and that’s game.





Happy Mothers Day! Crazy to think we are already into the 5th month of the year. Time is flying by! Hope everyone is doing great and getting outside to do house chores (bleh) or just enjoying the fresh spring air!

**2023 Get Together **
We are looking to get our Get-Together started once again for 2023. We have not had a community gathering since the #2019-get-together in Vegas, where we had so much fun and made so many memories!

Are you energetic? Do you like planning events? Doing research to see where we could meet to have some fun together? We are looking for one or more people to assist us with the planning to get this underway. So if this sounds like you, please msg any of the Tri / Board and let’s start planning our next get-together.

Some games are getting into a lull, some are getting new patches, but at the end of the day you have to find what makes you happy and keeps you entertained. So if any of the main games are getting you down and you are playing some side games (and looking for company), make sure to post down in the #gaming-chat. There might be more members playing the same game you are.

We need more of it. Have something you’d like to share? Go down to our #feedback section and fill out the survey. It’s anonymous, so don’t be scared to share. It can be positive or negative - we want to know what makes you happy to be here and how you think we could make our community even better.

If anyone has any questions please reach out to any of the Tri / Board. We are always here to chit chat. Have a great day.


@everyone @Member Happy April all! As the big releases die down we have been hit with some good content in our existing MMO’s. Final Fantasy XIV had it’s 6.1 content release which includes more story, new raid, revamped PVP, and more! WOW’s 9.2 still is providing progression raiding for the guild and 9.2.5 is looming on the horizon. On top of this, the next expansion, Dragonflight, has been announced with lots of hype to look forward. We do have some new content to look forward to in other games as well!

Evil Dead: The Game

In the vein of Left 4 Dead and Dead by Daylight. This game is coming up May 13, 2022, and will feature Evil Dead oriented game of 4v1. This looks like a good time for any Evil Dead and/or Bruce Campbell fans!

Back 4 Blood

B4B has released it’s first expansion this month adding 2 more characters to play and a new co-op mode. This game is a spiritual successor to L4D and while the initial release hasn’t gathered a huge following yet, it’s still a good time.




What’s been going on over the past little bit? Enjoying the outdoors? Getting into some new games maybe? In the short time our server reshuffled, our ‘Way off topic’ category has been getting a lot more traffic. We hope everyone has been liking the changes so far. It has caused some confusion as members pop on and are not sure what they missed - if this is you, make sure to check the community-news channel and specifically our post concerning the Discord and forum changes Big Announcement from a few weeks ago.

Have feedback? Visit the feedback-and-faqs section and complete the survey.

In Other News We have our 4 year birthday celebration coming up in September. It’s crazy to think that our community is turning 4 years old!

We had a few members looking for our Merch links that got lost in the reshuffle, so we added the ‘Merch’ information into the welcome . If you are wondering what we spend the money on you can view the Evolved Expenses

Get Together We have still yet to have anyone come forward to plan our Get Together. We are hoping to have someone found by September so that we can provide information during our 4 year birthday celebration. I know we have talked about potentially going to a resort of some sort but we need a planner to assist us. So if you are interested in being our 2023 Get Together planner please get in contact with any Tri / Board member.

We hope you all have a great month. If you have any questions please feel free to contact a Tri / Board member. Thanks everyone for making our community great and have nice day!





Greetings all you lovely Evolved friends and family. Now that school is officially out and summer is in full swing, we hope you all are getting the chance to get out there for some fun in the sun. Whether it’s going to the beach or camping or a hike on the trails, just make sure to enjoy your summer. And watch out for those heat advisories! No heat stroke!

Community News
We are currently looking for some members to assist us in the following positions:

  • Get Together planner - for our 2023 community Get Together
  • Website admin - for cleaning up our website.

If you are interested please reach out to any of the Tri / Board Members to discuss.

4 Year Anniversary
Our 4 year birthday is only 2 months away. As a Community, through the ups and the downs, we are still here and still having fun together 4 years later. We will have more details on a day and time for the celebration at a later date. If you have any ideas for types of activities you’d like to see, feel free to reach out.

Gaming News
Main game getting you down and you are feeling the drought of content? Are you playing a different game that has piqued your interest as of late? Share about it in the <#485266848598982677>. See what others are playing and share what you’re excited about. Get the conversation started. Jump in a voice channel and shoot things together.

Scroll down the member list on Discord and see who’s playing a game you play and reach out to them to hang out. You never know what kind of new friendship you might form. If you are interested in starting a new game guild/chapter/clan/etc. within our community, reach out the a Tri/Board member for more info. More games means more friends to do more things with.

We are always looking for feedback, suggestions and some new ideas. Please make sure to not just think them or talk to your friends within the community about them, but to bring them to our attention. The <#933932503419486229> form is there for you all to express your thoughts.

We take the submissions very seriously and discuss them at our board meetings. They are 100% anonymous, so don’t be afraid to share your thoughts.

We wish you a fantastic July! If you have any questions or concerns reach out to the Tri / Board.


Happy July Everybody! We continue to go through our slow patch in the summer, but there are a few highlights to cover.

World of Warcraft Season 4 is launching on August 2nd and with it they are introducing fated raids which will add extra challenge to the existing Shadowlands content while awaiting the expansion. Additionally, M+ will have some throw back dungeons to run as the current M+ rotation.

Dragonflight Speaking of expansion, the Dragonflight alpha has launched for streamers and the initial content and new Dracthyr race with the Evoker class has been revealed. If you haven’t seen it Dragonriding is being called a great way to make flying more engaging.

Stray While not an MMO or multiplayer, Stray has released and has been pretty popular with pet lovers and puzzle game lovers. It’s a short game, but you get to be an orange tabby and do cat things in the process of getting “outside”. Definitely worth checking out if you want a distraction that won’t take up too much of your time. Your pets may become obsessed with it as well.


Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer and staying safe in the sun! It’s crazy how fast the summer is flying by. And speaking of time flying by, Evolved will be 4 years this September! It’s been an amazing journey and we look forward to many more years gaming with all you amazing people. Keep an eye here for more info about the Evolved 4 Year Anniversary event!

Feedback Bot: Remember to submit any questions, comments, or concerns you have about Evolved in the feedback-and-faqs section! We are always looking for fresh ideas or suggestions on how to improve. It’s 100% anonymous and your feedback really does help us make Evolved an amazing community for all.

Discord: Make sure to check out all the channels we offer, including some fun non-game related stuff in the Way Off Topic section towards the top. We love seeing our members active and participating across the various channels in Discord. And of course, don’t be afraid to jump on voice and hang out while you are gaming!

Get Together Planner: We are currently looking for a member willing to organize and plan the 2023 Evolved Real Life Get Together. If you enjoy organizing and planning trips, reach out to any Tri/Board member for more info.

Website Admin: We are also looking for someone with experience in websites to help us maintain and clean up our website. Reach out to a Tri/Board member for more info!



Happy August everyone. We hope that your summer has been going great and you all got to enjoy some family time with loved ones and maybe even the out doors with some good relaxing.

Update On Charter
The Tri and Board of our community met up a few weeks ago and worked on another big chunk of the new charter we hope to have released come sept.

2023 Get Together
We are still looking for someone to take on the responsibility of setting up and planning this event. We know it’s a really big thing to take on so we understand everyone’s hesitancy in offering. If you are interested please contact a Board member. Also if you have suggestion for a place to meet up submit feedback using the form in feedback-and-faqs.

Discord Activity
We have been noticing a big increase in traffic in the way off topic section so please keep it up. If members feel that we might need some different channels please feel free to fill out the feedback form in the feedback-and-faqs.

WoW Season 4
The last season of the Shadowlands Xpack is coming out tomorrow. The WoW Community is really coming together and hosting many new events planned to cover all days of the week with Cross Faction Community really opening doors to allow members that could not make some days to know choose what works best for them. Some events include.

• Mythic Mingle Wed
• Alliance Hosted Raids - Tue/Fri/Sat (Progression)
• Horde Hosted Raid - Thurs (LFR)
••• Wed/Thurs Progression once have enough raiders
• Sunday Open Raid - All Members welcomed. (Follow raid rules)
• All times are same 9-11 pm EST (6-8 PST | 7-9 MST | 8-10 CST)

As always, if any one has any questions or concerns please reach out to the officers of the guilds or contact any Tri and Board member. We wish you all the best this month.




Happy 4 Year Anniversary Evolved! It’s been such an amazing journey the past few years with all of you. We thank each of our amazing members for helping make this community great! You guys are what makes Evolved this amazing home we all are proud to be part of. Evolved Anniversary Meeting: We will be holding our Open Board Meeting on September 10 at 6 pm PST/9 PM EST! These meetings have become part of our yearly tradition and are a great way to learn about the history of Evolved, catch up on news/updates on the community and from our guilds, and just have a fun time talking and spending time together. Note: All Guild scheduled events for that night will be canceled for the Open Board Meeting. After the meeting, stick around for some fun, games, and crazy times! The games could include: Jackbox, Trivia, Among Us, Fall Guys, and more. If you have any suggestions, let us know!



Greetings everyone! Hope September brings you all some fun times. As fall settles in, we suggest you turn on your furnaces and test them out so you don’t have any surprises when winter really hits. 4 Year Anniversary We will be holding our Open Board Meeting on September 10 at 6 pm PST/9 PM EST! Come learn about the history of Evolved, catch up on news/updates on the community and from our guilds, and just have a fun time talking and spending time together.

Note: All Guild scheduled events for that night will be canceled for the Open Board Meeting

Finding Friends / Side Games Sadly not enough of our members check out the gaming channels for some of the other games people play. A great way to find others who play the same games as you is to click on the gaming chat, and scroll down the member list on the right hand side. If they have their game activity on, you can find some new friends within our community that play the same side games you do.

If looking to create a new game for the community please check out Casual Gaming Info and Guild Creation. Also reach out to a Tri/Board member to ask some questions after reading the information linked.

Paying Attention 90% of our information is found in any of the information channels, as PINS in most channels, on the forum, or sent out as @ mentions. It’s your responsibility to make sure to pay attention to all of the information out there. The Officers and up having to repeat themselves constantly for the same questions is getting daunting. Please make a better effort to source out the information prior to asking a question.

We wish everyone a great September and Happy Birthday to our Community! Thanks for making it a great place to be.



Hope everyone is enjoying September and the start of the fall season! Thanks again to everyone that came out earlier this month to help celebrate Evolved’s 4th Year Anniversary. The notes and recap for that meeting can be found on the forums. Here are a couple of quick community announcements for you all today!

Community Veteran Name Change: If you haven’t yet, please go to our forums and vote for what you would like to see the name changed to. We really want your input so please help out!

2023 Real Life Get Together: If you are interested in participating in the next Get Together, go vote to help us narrow down when/where it will take place. The sooner the votes are in, the sooner we can start in on the next stage of planning!

Discord Notifications:
Discord acting funny? Not getting any @ mentions or not seeing the red notifications? Here are some tips on how to fix the potential problem.

  • Exit completely out of discord and restart it
  • Update discord via the green update arrow in upper right hand side
  • Don’t have discord open on a specific channel while checking out discord on your phone
  • Check the @ mention inbox in upper right hand side to see if you missed anything
  • Have server, category and channel notifications turned on
    — Check to see if you have ‘Hide Muted Channels’ checked, if so, uncheck it!

Book Club: It’s not too late to submit your book recommendation for our October reading! Just message Star on Discord with the name of your book by the end of the day today! I will be putting the poll up tomorrow on Goodreads for us to vote on. I can’t wait to see what we read next!

Halloween: Keep an eye out in the Event section for our yearly Halloween picture contests on Discord!


We would like to thank all of you, the members that make up our great community. Through our many ups and downs we have made it 4 years which is a huge accomplishment so thank you all very much. We know not everyone could make it last night so we have all of the information compiled for you all.

Very big thanks to Mecemice for creating the 4 year swag for everyone. • You can purchase it at Redbubble Shop. ••• You will also need to filter Collections by Evolved Gaming. ••• pick a design, then halfway on the next page, choose “see design on more products”.

Polls To Vote On
We have a few polls for you all to go vote on. These are very important to us because one will decide our name change for the Community Veterans and the other will pick our destination for our 2023 get together.

Community Veteran Name Change
2023 Get Together

Congrats again to the new Community Veteran members
• Allieya
• Drinky
• Mavis • Weeman
• Zara

Reminder if you have any questions to reach out to the Tri / Board. Also if you want to see some more changes in and around our community to make this place better, we ask you utilize the feedback-and-faqs and fill out the ‘FORM’.

4 Year Information List
4 Year Meeting Notes
4 Year History
New Charter
••• This new charter is our OFFICIAL charter going forward


Greetings Fam! We are just touching base with everyone again to remind you all that our 4th Year Anniversary was last weekend and the meetings notes are posted. Reposting the links again to help you all find all the information.

4th Year Anniversary Meeting Notes

This means a great deal to us. We want to include everyone in some of our community decisions. Please click on the 2 links to vote on our Community Vet Name change and a Destination for our 2023 Get Together if you are able to join us. Reminder also to swing by the role-assignment and grab the ‘Get Together’ tag so you don’t miss out on any information.

Veteran Name Change
2023 Get Together

Very big thanks to Mecemice once again for creating the 4 year swag for everyone.
• You can purchase it at Redbubble Shop.
•• You will need to filter Collections by Evolved Gaming.
•• Pick a design, then halfway on the next page, choose “see design on more products”. Have a great and wonderful weekend everyone.



Booooooo!! Happy October everyone! I hope the month brings you some spooky surprises since this is the favorite month of the year for many. Make sure to check the candy if your kiddos are going trick or treating. It’s upsetting to mention it, but sad if something did happen. Happy Thanksgiving to all of our Canadian members! Show us your dinners in the food-for-thought channel.

Halloween Event
Head down to the events channels to check out our yearly Halloween event! Check the pins and showcase off your decorations, costumes and pumpkins.


Community Role
The votes are in from the community vote. We sadly didn’t have as many participants as we would have wanted. We really do want to involve the whole community when we can.

The Community Veteran role is no more and it will be changed to Community Pillar . Thanks everyone that voted!

Way Off Topic
Lots of people chat about different things from time to time. Let’s all try and make an effort to use the ‘Way Off Topic’ section more to get others in on the conversation. Sure a quick chat from time to time in all channels is great, but not everyone checks the channel you are talking about a topic.

We have many different channels and if you think we need some more please utilize the feedback form in the feedback-and-faqs

R.I.P stands for Roles, Information and Pins. Ooof I bet you thought someone died… yikes. We are just trying to have some fun getting you the information to the questions you might have.

Roles - Don’t have a role, you can’t get an @ mention. So make sure to acquire a role in the role-assignment
Information - Don’t check the category main information, you might miss the answer to your question.
Pins - Don’t check channel Pins? Well you missed out on how to do things or important info.

When you miss out on these 3 things, it’s just a big old RIP . So make sure you’re not that person that asks… "What server do you all play on.


Happy October everyone! As we approach the end of the month and head into Halloween and November we have some exciting games to look forward to as the holidays approach.

Also, be sure to check out and participate in our Halloween channels:


Halloween Fun - There is a bit of spooky fun that can be played right now. Resident Evil Village has a DLC coming out on October 28th. Scorn released on October 14th and is a FPS puzzle game in an HR Gigeresque world. There is also always Phasmophobia on Steam to play with friends during the lull prior to DragonFlight.

World of Warcraft - The hype is getting more real. Prepatch has been confirmed for October 25th with the expansion launching on November 28th. There will be lots of in game fun as we all prep for Dragonflight.

Overwatch 2 - The updated Overwatch is now here and bringing more of the team based battle and is free to play this time around. Definitely worth checking out to see Isi tear everyone a new one in Discord while playing.

Gotham Knights - This Batman series game is coming out, and plans to have a multiplayer component added so we all can team up and fight Gotham baddies. It comes out October 21.



We are exited to announce that the winner of the location for our 2023 Evolved Real Life Get Together will be in Orlando, FL next Fall! If you are interested in attending this exciting opportunity to meet fellow Evolved members in real life, make sure to head up to the role-assignment channel and get the Get Together Tag!

Keep an eye out in the 2023-get-together channel as we work to finalize more details for this event. We will keep you all updated as things move along in the planning stages.



Burrrr. Yep it is getting colder out there. Make sure that you are getting all of the winter prep completed before the snow starts to fall. We are heading into the holiday season so please make sure you start planning ahead and be safe out there.

American Thanksgiving Speaking of the holidays, we have a member that is opening his doors up for a gathering if you are in and around Houston Texas and will hosting the meal on November 24th. So if you are interested get in contact with ‘Nicodimous’ . Big round of applause for doing this.

Casual Gaming We have many new members joining our community and with that brings new side games people might be playing. If you are finding yourself playing side games make sure to announce it down in the gaming-chat as well as scroll down the member list to see who is playing what and create some new friendships along the way.

Also, if you find yourself playing said side game a lot, chat with a Tri/Board member and let’s see if we can create a guild out of it and bring more people into our community.

Check the… Read the… Get the… You all know what’s going to get said. It’s always going to be an on going problem where our members are always going to be asking the same questions because they skimmed over the information and never read it fully. Which for the most part is not a bad thing cause we want you to ask the questions, but…

Check the PINS, Read the INFO and Get the ROLES

As a reminder if you have questions, concerns, problems, suggestions, or ideas please make sure to get in contact with your Guild’s Leadership or Officers as well as reach out to the Tri / Board. Also,please, utilize the feedback form in the feedback-and-faqs

We hope you all have a great holiday season!



Happy November Evolved! With the holidays approaching, we have added a new section in our WAY OFF TOPIC on Discord: #holidays-and-occasions Thus is a new channel we are trying out that will be left up year round for you to show off the various holidays and traditions that matter to you and your family, no matter what your belief is! Feel free and share pictures, recipes, or ideas from the various holidays and traditions you celebrate through out the year! We look forward to seeing what kind of stuff you share with your Evolved family!

Bookclub: We just wrapped up our latest book and I want to give a big thanks to all that participated in it. There are a few discussion questions up on Goodreads if you want to look them over. Our next book will be in January so start thinking of what book you would like us to read next! Make sure to join our Goodreads group if you haven’t yet!

American Thanksgiving:
If you are in the Houston, Texas area and looking for somewhere to spend Thanksgiving, ‘Nicodimous’ is offering Evolved members a place to go to enjoy Thanksgiving. Please get in contact with him if you are interested! Thanks again Nico!

Happy Thanksgiving to those in the US. We hope you all have a safe and wonderful holiday!

Pins, Roles, and Stuff!: Once again, please make sure to check the pins in the various channels as most of our important information can be found there! And head to #role-assiignment and make sure you have roles for the games/activities you are interested in!

Feedback Bot: Do you have any questions, comments, concerns, suggestions about Evolved? Check out #feedback-and-faqs and take the time to fill out the anonymous survey with your input and help us make Evolved as great as possible!




Happy Holidays all you lovely Evolved Members. This month is always a wild month for a lot of our members. Traveling, Cooking, and just spending time with family and loved ones. We just want to remind everyone to be extra safe this month and allow lots of time for traveling.

Holiday Event
Do you like decorations? Do you go all out and your house is done right up? We are entering that special time of year! As our members from our community are decorating their dwellings in a festive manner to celebrate their various cultures/beliefs, we would love to capture that in our Evolved Holiday Decorating Contest.

All Contest details are in the #holiday-decorations. Please make sure to read the rules and follow the directions in the ‘PINS’.

New Members
We have gained a lot of new members over the past little bit and we welcome you all to our community. Please make sure you all are getting the roles via the #role-assignment, so that you dont miss out on various @ mentions that go on throughout the discord.

Also, check out all the links to loads of information that will assist you throughout gaming in our community.

Feedback and FAQ
Up in the #feedback-and-faqs we have some FAQs that might assist you. Also, we are always looking for feedback on various suggestions/ideas you might have to better our community. So, please take the time to assist us to help better your stay.

Be Respectful
It has come to our attention that some people might be being an annoyance to others through oversharing, voice activation always on, or just always feeling the need to talk. Just, please, remember to be respectful. We strive on making this a great environment for you all to game in.

As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or problems please reach out to any of the Officers, Leadership, or the Tri / Board.

Have a safe and happy holiday.