@ Mention News Archives (2023)



Wow what a great year 2022 was! It was filled with some great new adventures for our community. At the Board level, we have made some changes on how we use our Discord, how we gave you all some new information, and we even redid our whole Evolved charter. We are really excited to see how 2023 will shape up.

Speaking of 2023, there are many new games coming out over the course of this year. We would love to see some growth of our Side games into hopefully new guilds in our community. I know Raille is looking at Pantheon and there is some that are interested in Ashes of Creation.

If you are one of these energetic members looking to create a guild within our community for an up and coming game or even a game that’s been out for a while, please reach out to any of the Triumvirate or Board Members and we can go over a few things.

Also, for any and all side games make sure to go and post in the gaming-chat when you playing some different games, as well as read the gaming-information.

It still makes us all giggle on how members new/old still are struggling with how Discord works. We know there are a crazy amount of channels, with an insane amount of information. We try to keep things neat and clean using dyno bot as much as possible.

But, you all mature adults also need to take the personal responsibility to explore and discover how Discord works. Just like anything, it takes time to understand. Here in our Evolved Gaming Community, we try and make things simple as we can.

• Information for all games or side games is at the top of each Category
• Most text channels usually have PINS which will guide you in the right directions
• We try and create most info so you don’t have to scroll up
• We try and provide a good amount of Roles so that you can get @ mentioned
••• The @ mention inbox stores them

We are always looking for some feedback from our members. We often see members typing a ton of comments/concerns, etc in text channels or do them in whispers to other members. But that does not help us as we aren’t always able to see those or are able to act on it to possibly make changes. We need you all to understand that we want official feedback through our feedback-and-faqs . This makes it easy for us to see exactly what your concerns, suggestions, or ideas on how to improve our community.

All submitted feedback is and always has been 100% anonymous. So those in fear of Mom and Dad putting you in time out, don’t because we are not going to. We just want your thoughts and ideas on how to make our community better for you.

To all of our members that have been with us through thick and thin over the 4 years that we have been a Community or those that are brand new to Evolved, we thank you all for being a part of this community we all love. We hope you all have enjoyed gaming here and part of our online family. If you all have any questions, concerns, and or problems please reach out to the Tri / Board or your guilds leadership / officers so we can all attempt to resolve the issue.

Remember to have a great and Happy New Year! Best wishes to you and your families in 2023!





Greetings all you amazing gamers out there! I hope you all have been staying warm and cozy so far during the winter months. Make sure on those warm days to open a window and let some fresh air into your dwellings.

New Members
We would like to welcome all of the new members that have joined us over the past few months! Please make sure that you are getting the appropriate roles from role-assignment, checking the pins, reading the information and exploring all of our Discord.

The Tri and Board have decided after many discussions and just going way too long without the ability to update our website, that we will be closing it down. All the information has been converted and can be found on the forums. Big Thanks to all the people involved with creating the website.

Side Games and You
Lots of people are playing some different side games. Please make an attempt to utilize our gaming party channels on Discord. Make sure to post what game you are playing in the gaming-chat. Maybe there other members in our community playing the same game as well.

Who knows from playing a side game could evolve into something more for our community. If you are looking at creating a guild for our community, please reach out to a Tri or Board member.

2023 Get Together
Make sure if you are interested in attending this IRL event to check out the 2023-get-together channel. They will be going to Orlando, FL some time in the Fall. Big thanks to Nicodimous who is going to be planning the event.

Wish You Well
We wish everyone a great month and if you ever have any questions or concerns, please reach out to a Tri/Board member. Make sure to utilize the feedback-and-faqs channel to create a feedback form as well!