Mid tier raid shuffle

As we are about mid-way thru the raid tier and with Rummu/Weeman stepping down as RL/RA we thought this would be a great time to shuffle the raid roster and promote Coxworth and Mattpriest to RL/RA. Congrats to those two! Find your new raid roster here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1k9d3ZDOD-LmZj9Y_5Fslc5zL_lD4bII7s4koU4OxJaE/edit?usp=sharing.

So with how well Uldir went with all 3 raid groups. How with ease it was for DOTA to stay on the heels of PK and WB. i am looking at doing the following changes

Removing the Static Group - By removing the meaning behind this group it just opens up for others to go where they choose to go and when we get new people its easier just to throw them into any of the 3 groups for what ever spec they play and the groups need

Balancing groups - If a group is more then 2 bosses behind we will add a raider (Or raiders) from each other raid group, 1 from each group and then try that for a week and see how it goes.