Modded Minecraft: MC Eternal

I have been running a Minecraft server for years now and we have had various different mod packs installed over the life of my account with Bisect Hosting. Recently we wiped the server and installed a new and amazing mod pack called MC Eternal. We already have a handful of people playing on the server and welcome more. If this piques your interest

  • This pack is huge and full to the brim with content. Be prepared to have a lot of options available to you. The good news is that there is a lot of documentation out there when you figure out what mods within the pack you want to pursue.

  • Be prepared to die. Things are not friendly out there and there is plenty that will see you as food. Case in point, we have dragons. I am not talking about the lightweight Ender Dragon. I am talking full-on massive Game of Thrones dragons here. They are big, mean and love to roam around.

  • That brings me to this point, we have a tombstone mod that preserves your items upon death. It also marks your death location on the map so you can get back to your stuff.

  • We have the waypoints in place that allow you to travel around the map to various player locations and a “/sethome” option that allows you to quickly return to a set place by typing “/home”. We also have a Main Hub location to get resources should you need them. And when you find a place that you want to call home, we can set up a wayshrine at your location should you want it.

  • Last, but very important: This is NOT a PvP server. We are all on it to have fun with building, exploring, and adventuring. Should you want to participate as a group or go on as a solo player, there will be no griefing of other players.

If you have read all of that and would still like to join the server, send me a message in Discord (DJHaighted#6890) and I will send you the server information and whitelist you. The more the merrier.

Want to take a peek at our world, you can do so here. The default view is top-down, but there are several view types available by accessing the menu on the right side of the page. The main dimension is the “Overworld” and you will see the most content there.


Most of us on the server are using the Twitch desktop app to manage and launch the modded client.

  • If you have the Twitch app and have Minecraft set up on it: You can find MC Eternal by searching their mod repository (Mods > Minecraft > Browse Modpacks). We use “MC Eternal” not “MC Eternal Lite”.

  • If you do not have the Twitch app and/or you do not have Minecraft set up on it: Here are instructions that should help you.

IMPORTANT: We have found that if you run the game with the default Minecraft memory setting (4GB), the client will fail to fully launch and be buggy at best so we highly recommend increasing it. I have set mine to 8192MB and it works great. The process is very easy to do as it is just a quick setting in the Twitch app. Here are instructions on how to do so on various clients. Just follow the instructions in the “Twitch Launcher (Curse/FTB Modpacks)” section.


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