Mythic Eternal Palace signups

So we are tentatively looking at starting a mythic roster soon/nowish. We are looking at an alternating Friday/Saturday mythic rotation with the non mythic raiders running an alt EP concurrently. One caveat is we want both raid groups clearing heroic EP before we start the mythic group. The intent is to not leave people out of our heroic raiding content, but rather to offer additional content for those who are of a mind to push their raiding limits.

I basically stole Swim’s prior post about a Monday mythic run as his raid requirements pretty much go hand in hand with what I would have posted. As part of your posting you must also include whether you think we killed the queen for the first time because Cata logged or because Tierdrop died.

Here are the requirements for Mythic raiding in the Eternal Palace. Those who meet requirements during the sign up will receive priority invites.

  1. Azerite neck level of a minimum 55, ilvl at 430 at least.
  2. Mimimum rank 2 essences in both Major and Minor slots.
  3. +60 enchants/+60 gems
  4. Weapon enchants
  5. Minimum dps of 24-26k on a single target fight of a minimum 4:30 minute fight. (Heroic logs of the previous week are used to determine this metric).
  6. A strong grasp of all Heroic mechanics for the boss fights we are working on in Mythic.
  7. The ability to learn and work as a team in all aspects of raiding, including but not limited to the execution of mechanics, gearing strategies, listening to instructions as directed by the Raid Lead and Raid Assists, and learning from mistakes.
  8. High attendance. It is time consuming teaching a lot of people strats and would like to maintain consistency in our raid team.
  9. Be chill and calm at all times. Don’t get upset when you are benched.
  10. Read this post and be aware of the requirements when signing up.

To sign up read the above answering any questions asked and post your raiders name main spec and VIABLE off spec. If your a tank or heal, and your dps spec is there for flexibility but isn’t viable I’d rather you be upfront about it. As a mythic raid is limited to 20 people we are actively seeking more for nights when people can’t make, or we need a specific composition for a boss, etc… As stated above that will mean we likely will have people sitting every week. We will try to rotate everybody on the roster in so they get there chance at the content as well.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Railletoo Tank - no viable dps offspec.
Tierdrop dying

Ravasti Dps ( or heal, pally [Avasti] meets requirements if needed )
Trick question, both; historically Cata Logging is our ticket, recently Tier’s deaths are our charm.

Nayame, BM hunter, no offspecs available

Arexan, Healer, Never really used my DPS spec for anything but running around open world.

Igamder - Ranged DPS (Druid Boomkin) - no viable offspec.
Neither, it’s because I returned.

Swim - DK - DPS/Tank viable

Mugank - dps/heal

Kitheri, dps.
Cata logging.

I don’t mind sitting out a lot (or even most of the time), just kinda want a chance at getting to do the mythic fights.

Dawntaye - Aff Lock - No offspec

Naddie - Havoc - No offspec

Neither, Queen died because her health reached 0

Drinkythings - BM - All specs are viable.

Pankaks, Tank, DPS

CASCADE, Ranged dps no off spec

tierdrop, holy priest, suicide good luck charm, shadow offspec ready

Kaelik - Ranged DPS - Fire mage … offspecs aren’t really viable atm.

Queen died because she didn’t attack the one in the dress.

Note: My attendance shouldn’t be an issue, but I do have an 8 month old son. He’s in bed during raid times and sleeps great, BUT if he wakes up and I’m home alone obviously I have to step out to tend to him. He hasn’t woke during a raid yet, I’m just putting it out there.

Isilaura, resto druid - queen died b/c she deserved it, but is not really dead. Neither one of those guys had anything to do with it :stuck_out_tongue: