Mythic Jaina Mount

Update 10/22/20: Due to the pre-patch our character power has been drastically reduced with the loss of corruption. However, we have proven that the Mythic Jaina cheese strategy still works but we will only be doing ONE run per week.

Update: As we have a lot of people signed up and a follow up raid after this run please come prepared to be part of the team effort. We don’t expect perfect knowledge of the encounter, but please remove interupts from your bars for the fight. We remind everybody each week and regularly have a wipe due to somebody who didn’t feel like taking the action key off their bar. Going forward, if we wipe due to interupts, the offender will be replaced by someone on standby. We want to get everybody the mount, but we also want this to be fun for everyone and request some assistance in keeping this a fun guild activity.


First Wave:

Blistering Bliss
Sweet Seytia
Buymeadrinkfirst BearloverHR
Avaraen’s Avarus
Weasely Weasel
Risky Reiyan
Royally Regalsoul
Token Torvi

2nd Wave:
Kuronyu - Nyuroo
VexxedZen - Vexide
Kaelik - Kaelik
Sarrah - Sarrah (I will not do punctuation!!!)
Mithu - Mithuu
Steshy - Steshi
Eschercrow - Talaste
Alliawai - Alliawai
Duskfell - Stonetide

I still need but as I don’t show up often enough so I’m good if I don’t get it.

I do not have the mount, and was not aware we were still running it. I’d like to get the mount as well.

I also still need it! I’ve been pretty busy with RL stuff but it’s slowed down so I’ll probably be able to start raiding again.

I’m a non-active raider and I would love to get one once all you important, hard working peeps get yours :blush:


Please remove that pic before my wife thinks we need a 2nd kid!

:wave: I’m hoping to get it one of these weeks

Hahahaha she does need a new squishy baby!

I still need the mount. Shots also does, just gonna post for him since he might not even see this 0.0;

I still need it too.

I also need the mount still.

I need to work on the mount as well.

i would like too

I would like a chance at it

I have not gotten the mount but im not showing up consistantly due to health issues so its okay with me whatever u wanna dooooo.

I would like to get Jaina mount

Hey! I’m a non-raider, “Lunabean”, and my wife Brittlez are both looking for the Jaina mount, if it would be possible to get on that list please!

Hi! I’m also a non-raider looking for the Jaina mount. Please let me know if it would be possible to get on that list! =D

Hi i am a new member that is hoping to raid and I also need the Jaina mount thank you

I’d like to jump in on mount runs (Jaina / N’Zoth) if possible (non-raider). Thanks!