Mythic Ny'alotha

I want to start this off with my usual disclaimer: We are not a mythic progression guild. :slight_smile:

However, as we have quite a stretch of time before Shadowlands arrives, we are considering using one of our raid nights to dip our toes into Mythic Ny’alotha. See if we can down a boss or three.

To do this, we will need 20-23 capable players, and the right comp to even make an attempt. This post is intended to gauge interest and see how close we are to that.

If there is enough interest, we will look at scheduling an upcoming Thursday to have a go at Wrathion. There will be requirements (to be finalized later) that you would need to meet.

So! If you are interested in Mythic Ny’alotha, please respond below with your preferred class and spec.


Frost Death Knight

Tin - don’t care will play whatever

Butters - Brewmaster Monk

I’d be down to give it a go.
Unholy DK

I’m down. Balance druid

Can do disc priest or shadow.

Ret Paladin

Astra Blood DK

Unholy DK or Havoc Demon Hunter, whatever comp is needed

I’ll go. BM Hunter

Beastmastery hunter

Boomie/heals, or warrior if we need melee dps.

Fya - Ret Pally or Havoc DH

Affliction lock. Always Affliction lock :slight_smile:

Gasp!!! Not lock? But our supremacy over all!

In :slight_smile:
Fury War

100% in
BM Huntard :slight_smile:

Nârutó (Coleman) - Mistweaver Monk

Shinysmile - Havoc Demonhunter