Mythic Raid Times

To those of you interested in Mythic raiding and have been Mythic raiding, what day and times would you like? I plan on at least 6 hours of Mythic raiding a week.

Su,M,T,W,Th 6pm ST - 10pm ST,
Fri 6pm ST - whenever
Sat - anytime

I’m most available Tuesday and Friday, but could possibly work out a Wednesday or Sunday evening.

The deal with my wife was only two dedicated raid nights, but I’d gladly give up heroic clears for 2 evenings of mythic and just show up late on the third night of raiding.

Monday - Saturday: Evenings
Sunday: Never

Sunday - any time
Mon - Thur - 630 p.m. CST - 10 p.m. CST
Friday/Saturday - 630 - whenever

The only thing with Friday and Saturday is that I would prefer to have one of those days moved so there is a night to go out and and be social. It would definatly help with attendance for me. I would probably prefer Saturday to be changed, but either would be good to have free really.

Would like to be done any night except weekends by 11 pm EST (8 ST), have to be up at 5am ET for work. Ok with ending 9 pm ST on Friday/Saturday.

Su, Mo, Tu, We, Th -> 6 - 8 ST
Fr, Sa -> 6 - 9 ST

Pref not Sun/Mon, Pref ending @ 8 or 9 PST, flexible even if it lands in these times/days

I can make any day/time work. Ideally I would love to have raids start after my daughter goes to bed, say 8:30 PST/server, but I realize that’s too late for most people. Other than that, I’d like to know in advance if we are going to go past 8:00 so I can plan on if I am putting her to bed or my husband is.

Lenorlee, 11pm EST would actually be 8pm server, as the server time corresponds with PST.

Here’s what I’m thinking. Tues/Thur/Saturday that way we have Friday off for social obligations outside of WoW with times staying the same (probably). /discuss

I would say change Saturday to Friday, for two reasons. That way we have two consecutive nights instead of a night off between each raid, which I think would help with learning/remembering mechanics and progression. And of those who responded, Friday seems to be the night everyone has available, where Raille and Zidarr both would prefer Saturday off.

So Tues/Thur/Fri are the new proposed raid time where Friday is the main mythic progression focus day. Once we are more familiar with fights we can extend main mythic prog days to Thur/Fri. I’m thinking we’ll keep the same raid times, raid start 6:00pm ST or possibly 6:15-6:30pm ST so some of you have some time to get home and get food. /discuss

Yeah that is what I would most prefer, would be tues/thur/fri. I can stay up as late as need be on Friday. Then it gives me 2 full days off, for example I have to go out of town the 26th and 27th Saturday and Sunday, so then it would not effect attendance for me. Also I have poker at my house about once a month on a Saturday.

Though I understand that it will be what ever works best for the majority.

I am o.k. with raiding any night after 6 server, no real select day, would like to keep it to 3 days or less raiding though for me, other than that I am open

Sunday - never. I think any other time would be ok.

I cannot raid on Thursday or Sunday nights. can go any other night of the week

Unless I randomly take the day off I can only play Fri/Sat/Sun. If we move to something like a Tue/Thur/Fri I will probably not want to raid with just 1 day and may have to look elsewhere unfortunately.

Tues, Thurs, Fri sounds like a plan to me Stan.

If we do switch to T, Th, Fri there is the option to join the other group(s) on Saturday.

I’m partial sticking to the Tuesday, Friday, Saturday. I can only commit to the Tuesday and Friday anyway, but at least I can get the back off of Saturday usually after I put the kiddo down.

I like Tue Fri Sat, but I have a minority timezone and stuff.

Mythic raid team vote for your raid days. You get 3 votes. The most votes = new raid days. Time of day will stay 6pm ST for Mon-Friday. Sat/Sun times can be discussed. This pool will close on Feb 4th.

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

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