Mythic Raiding Rules & Guildelines

Here’s a summary of the meeting from 3/12/20 as well as requirements.

25 man main roster, all mythic signups will be included at least as backup.

The 25 man roster will be sent weekly invites for the Saturday raid. You will need to confirm availability or unavailability. Tentative is fine if you are unsure as to availability of day of, but may result in lower preference. We will be selecting 20 raiders from the 25 set roster initially and then reach out to the backups if we are missing a key class or warm body with respect to raid balance. We will also offer the opportunity for backups to see the bosses once we have a boss on farm and just allow people to swap out so everybody will get a chance to see the content.

For now Saturday will be the mythic raid night. We will expand to more nights as guild interest and heroic clearing dictates. Raiders are expected to be prepared like a heroic raider with an 80 neck and after next week (3/21) a rank 15 cloak at the minimum. We are aiming for raiders to at least pull 60kish dps based on Shad’thar with the understanding that RNG happens. Show up 15 minutes early or make sure an officer knows if you won’t be showing up until closer to first pull.

If we can’t reliably fill a roster we will cancel the raid prior to raid night rather than waste everybody’s Saturday night. It’s important that we come prepared knowing the boss we are on and the boss after as well as keeping the team informed so we can progress with respect to everybody.

The roster will hopefully be set over the course of this weekend, so anybody who hasn’t signed up should do so now. If you sign up after the roster has been set you will intiailly be added as a backup, but if space opens up we will consider what the raid needs most to fill in gaps to the 25 man roster.

It was discussed and we will swap/sit people if they are having an off night or a boss dictates a strategy change. This isn’t meant to be a hurtful action and is aimed at maximizing our chances of progress. Self policing is appreciated and if you can tell you are struggling please speak up and we can see what can be done.

We aim to have this be fun and are open to questions or concerns to make the process better, but are realistic to know that we will never be able to make everybody perfectly happy. I hope we all have a lot of fun until Shadowlands