Mythic Raids

To all Grump members. We will start pulling Mythic difficulty on 2/8/19. We have 27 people on the roster and we will rotate members as we start to farm these bosses. That being said, our goal for the week starting of 2/5/19 is to clear up to Mechatorque on Tuesday 2/5, work on the first 3 bosses in Mythic difficulty Friday 2/8/19, and work on Blockade and Jaina on Heroic difficulty for Saturday 2/9/19.

Group composition will be determined each week based on the following metrics: overall boss dps from the previous week, execution of strategy, availability of cooldowns, boss loot drops, and attendance. Remember, Super and I have to pick 20 people per boss. Do not get upset that you did not make it onto the roster as we will rotate members in.

Edit: For those of you who not assigned to a boss it may be possible to raid with the other group. While enjoying the game and having fun, please use these following guidelines when not assigned to a mythic raid boss:

  1. Notification to raid leaders of availability. As we have seen group composition and size can be a pain to deal with. Give the non-Grumps teams a heads up that your toon is available to run on that day. RL from each team will decide where that Grump raider will go for the day. For the most part the RL will see who is scheduled for the mythic raid bosses.
  2. If this is a main raid being run, main character only. RL can override rule and let you bring an alt to the group.
  3. Don’t snipe gear from another raid team’s core. If you have already cleared the content, you are there to help the other groups and get a chance at bonus roll loot. If you are on an alt, then gear you get from a boss is yours and can be offered to roll off as usual. Any gear made available for roll can be rolled on, however, if anyone from the raid team rolls, your roll is ignored.
  4. Do not disrupt the raid you’re joining If you’re not scheduled for all bosses in mythic that night, use your best judgment when joining another raid so it either doesn’t break their comp or make that raid group wait for you to be ready.

Edit: There seems to be an issue on the website with Champions of the light. We will have the following group comp for 2/8/19.

Tanks: Seiste(boss) Jedadin(adds)
Heals: Isi Arexan Avasti Disclightnin
Mdps: Azuremi Didy Lili Redmorph Tae Wrath Zidarr
Rdps: Flint Gaz Kithain Lenorlee Nova Sudekai Swim

Jadefire Masters:
Tanks: Seiste Raille
Heals: Isi Arexan Avasti Disclightnin
Mdps: Azuremi Lili Red Tae Wrath Zidarr
Rdps: Flint Gaz Kithain Lenorlee Nayame Nova Sudekai Swim

Tanks: Seiste Raille
Heals: Isi Arexan Avasti Disclightnin Buffsalot
Mdps: Azuremi Lili Red Tae Wrath Zidarr
Rdps: Flint Gaz Kithain Lenorlee Nayame Sudekai Swim

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I only see 19 on first boss.

Raille, there were only 19. Updated.

Mythic Champions of Light

  • This fight won’t change much from our Mythic strategy. We will have to swap to adds when the boss hits 100% energy and uses Judgement: Righteousness and then switching to Seal of Reckoning. At this point everyone will swap from boss to the adds focusing on the add that was buffed by Judgement: Righteousness (buff causes the add to do 200% increased damage and 150% increased healing).
  • Interrupting the Disciples during ALL PHASES will be important. 2-3 Ranged DPS per Disciple will be assigned to interrupt the Disciples during Seal of Reckoning phase. Melee will be able to assist with interrupts during Seal of Reckoning phase.
  • The new mythic mechanics will be Prayer for the Fallen, where the boss will revive dead adds and all adds will instantly cast big signature moves. The Disciples will cast to cast Angelic Renewal, which will bring the boss back to full HP. If this happens, it is a wipe. The crusaders will channel Divine Mallet for 8 seconds that sends out hammers that will do a lot of damage to you if you get hit by them. Dodge them.
  • Heroism on pull, all DPS cooldowns - get boss to ~50% before first Seal of Reckoning

Jedadin will be on adds.
Seiste will be on boss. Drop stacks of Sacred Blade during long boss casts or ask for a paladin bubble taunt.
Disciple 1(triangle) interrupt: Flint, Lenorlee, Sudekai
Disciple 2(square) interrupt: Gaz, Nova, Kit

Jadefire Masters

  • Keep the Monks health percentage lower than the Mage at all times.
  • Engage the Monk in melee combat to interrupt the Whirling Jade Storm.
  • DPS through the Mages Fire Shield and then interrupt the Pyroblast.
  • Tanks : Taunt the Mage off of one another to keep the Rising Flames stacks below 4.
  • Tanks : Face the Monk Images in the order they appear during Multi-sided Strike.
  • Healers : Dispel the Searing Ember debuffs, prioritizing those with the shortest duration.
    Fire of the Mist - 30 Energy
    Stand in the smoke and kill the Living Bombs while dodging the fire line.
    A Flash of Hostility - 60 Energy
    RoP maze
    The Serpent and the Phoenix - 100 Energy
    Dodge dragon breath

Important! The entire raid must be prepared to face the visions for mulit-headed strike! 15 members of the raid will be targeted each time it is cast, and 5 visions will charge the players. Face each vision to take non-lethal damage.

There will be 2 spirits of Xuen. DPS turn and burn them.

All 4 orbs must be gathered to DPS the wall during the RoP maze and a Spirit of Niuzao will spawn that must be dodged to avoid more or less lethal damage.

Mythic changes:
Crushed debuff lasts 2 seconds (down from 2.5)
Cast time of Bestial Smash and Rending Bite is 1.5 seconds down from 2.5
Tanks must react faster to taunt swap.
Ferocious Roar is instant cast.

2 Adds spawn at a time forcing a more disciplined interupt rotation. All dps except DH on add1 to get 1st core. Add1 mdps back to boss. All rdps swap to add2.
Add1 interupt rotation(triangle): Flint, Wrath, Azuremi, Tae, Lenorlee, Swim
Add2 interupt rotation(square): Nayame, Lili, Zidar, Red, Gaz, Sudekai

The Core applies a 60 second debuff (up from 20). Trigger tantrum at 50-74 rage.
Healing rotation (see ERT notes) for Tantrums. Each tantrum should come in about every 60 seconds.

Believe you mean Seiste on boss, but i was wondering if we might look into a lock portal to drop stacks if we are swapping to adds. seiste can leap, i can stampeding roar during a long cast to run away and then as the boss gets close portal back. I believe that would buy enough time to clear stacks while dps is on the adds.

The paladin bop would probably be easiest to do though.

These fights are tough. The mythic raid mechanics are unforgiving. The mythic raid last Friday was decent but I think there are a few things we need to work on as individuals and as a team.

As individuals:

  • Understand the strategy and mechanics. If you are dying to a mechanics repeatably, ask yourself “How can I do this differently so I’m not getting hit by this mechanic?” If you can’t answer this question, ask the raid, “Hey, I’m having an issue with this mechanic because of X and Y.” Start dialogues with raid members because it might be as simple as shifting 5 yards from where you are used to moving.

  • Avoidable Damage There are a lot of fights that have little or no incoming damage. Everyone needs to pretend that anything and everything will 1 shot you. Get yourself into this mindset right now. If you are taking avoidable damage, that is less DPS the healers can do. Do not make the healers work extra, the unavoidable damage is hard enough to heal.

  • Do more damage. Most fights are easier with more DPS. Phases are shorter, adds die up faster. Just remember that dead dps = no dps and you will be removed if you can’t perform mechanics. As RL, I mess up mechanics just as much as anyone else but I will always try to improve and not mess up the same mechanic. Logs are kinda messed up sometimes but we need everyone to aim for that 70% DPS parse on every fight.

  • Don’t come to raid with stupid high ping/lag. If you know you might lag out or have a bad connection that will cause you to die during a fight, please sit. You are not helping the team if you are constantly dying to mechanics because of lag. We are not here to carry you. If you can’t pull your weight, you will be removed from raid. Be respectful of the 19+ other people. Repairs, feasts, flasks, and combat potions are not cheap. No one will be mad at if you if you sit due to connection issues but everyone will be mad at you if you are dying constantly because of lag.

As a team:

  • Wipe well. Not everyone will play perfectly every pull and everyone must realized that. When someone messes up, know that it isn’t intentional. Being able to breath deep, re-focus and start the boss over without tilting or being triggered is a must.

Should bold ‘Wipe Well’ - It doesn’t stand out and doesn’t match the format of the rest of the bullet points ;o