Need some input from you guys

Hi everyone!

I leveled some alt classes that I have never tried this expansion. I had been strictly feral since BC. I settled on the DH when I found you guys, and really enjoy the class. But then I leveled a hunter. Now I am torn. I enjoy the DH (especially now being fully heroic geared), but this hunter is so damn fun to play. Plus, finding and taming new pets is also very engaging. (Plus, she has a better backstory in my head). I got her to iLevel 431 last night, so will be joining the alt raid this weekend on her, to see if it’s fun in raids as well.

I am seriously considering switching her to my main once SL drops. I am just looking for any opinions on the matter.

Am I making a good decision here? I am really torn.

Thank you for any feedback you can give me here. You guys are seriously the best.


Dude you could never go wrong playing a hunter.

There’s just so much that you can do with them especially in an upcoming expansion being able to have a tank for yourself, and being able to collect new pets is going to feel amazing.

I play whatever is calling to you but Hunter has always been one of my favorites. They’re never at the bottom of the bucket and always provide some sort of utility.

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I’m having alt-issues right now as well so I might not be in the best place to comment. I’ve found that I really enjoy tanking on vengeance but the tank roll is completely covered and then some here, lol. I think I’m going to go for it anyway though because it’s “so damn fun” for me. Hopefully I’ll be able to wiggle into some M+s despite being one of many.

All that to say, I’m with you: mains are basically my toughest choice in WoW. “So damn fun” is a really good indicator though. Even if ultimately you go in another direction mid-season, at least you were having a hell of a time getting there :slight_smile:


I understand the pain!!! Been a Druid for years … but I want to play nightborn so badly that I might be monk :woman_shrugging:

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