Nekkid Gnome Race

Welcome to the First Ever Evolved Nekkid Gnome Race

It’s an Alliance and Horde Halloween bash and we’re going to celebrate by running nekkid gnomes through the streets of Azeroth. Join us! We might have candy!

When and Where

  • On Proudmoore
  • 6 PM PST

Getting Ready

  1. Make a Level 1 Gnome on Proudmoore before the race starts.
  2. Get Nekkid. (optional)
  3. Leave your level 1 Gnome in the Gnomeregan starting area. No class restrictions - no one gets a speed boost at lvl 1 anymore.
  4. Be on your Level 1 Gnome 15 mins prior to race start.
  5. Be patient while we get everyone invited to a raid group for the race.
  6. We are not doing guild invites for these one-time use characters. If you end up leveling it in the future, we’ll address that then.
  7. Warmode off, obviously.

No Cheating

  • Officers will be present on high level toons to make sure there is no cheating.
  • No graveyard skips - No resurrections at graveyards. All players must return to their corpse and places of death and resurrect from those places only.
  • Do not use your heirloom mount.
  • Do not use speed boost potions.
  • Do not use Engineering Gunshoes.
  • If it’s not on this list, but you think it might be cheating, it probably is. Don’t do it.
  • Use the route laid out. There are a few available short cuts on the route. We are aware there is a big shortcut that would probably cut the race time in half - we’re treating this as a cheat. If you’re playing a racing game, you stick to the racetrack with the available shortcuts. Anything else would be an exploit of the game. (This means don’t jump off the Ironforge cliffs and swim to Menethil!)

The Race

  • We’ll be racing from the starting room on Gnomeregan to the finish line on Menethil Harbor bridge. If you are not familiar with this route, follow the group.
  • Officers/Volunteers will have two seater mounts to help pick up any stragglers that are too far behind and to kill anything that is causing too many problems. A little death never hurt anybody, but we’ll help out if we see it being too difficult :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Someone (TBD) will be waiting on the bridge to call the winners. Their word is final.
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will get prizes.
  • Have fun.