New Applicant

Good morning! I was turned onto Evolved via Reddit user Adz5. The context of the conversation revolved around Hard Core gaming dreams with a casual player’s schedule. The idea is to find like minded folks who work 50+ hrs a week, only have a couple hours to play after work, but more time on the weekends/off days. I fall into that category usually. That is to say, I play mainly with my family but when they aren’t playing I just don’t have time for dungeon queues or general trying to find a group.

My main character is a Templar. I’m currently at 290ish CP and have amassed a decent (in my opinion) tanking set, partial dps set, and working on now leveling up the Restoration staff skill tree. I am no professional, but I have an uncanny ability to learn at an accelerated rate. I’d like to think that I can DPS, heal if necessary, and upon learning the various mechanics of a fight tank said encounter. World bosses and public dungeons haven’t been an issue yet, but I’ve only tanked normal dungeons, and was DPS during 1 Vet dungeon that the queue actually popped for me with.

That being said, a little background on myself: I just turned the huge 40yrs old. I’ve been playing various MMOs since the early 2000’s. Neverwinter Nights, Guild Wars, WoW (VERY Briefly), Rift, Neverwinter Nights 2, Archeage, Neverwinter Online, and probably others I’ve forgotten due to lack of interest. I’ve been main healer, heavy dps, even tanked content across those various games. I have only been playing ESO 4 or 5 months give or take, so I have a good ways to go as far as content, gear, skills, and experience go but I am very eager to experience it all.

Any questions, feel free to ask them and thank you for your consideration!

@Wamakaska is my In Game user/character name. Enjoy!


Welcome to Evolved! You should have a guild invite waiting for you next time you log in to ESO.

Thank you very much, I look forward to it.

Welcome to Evolved! I hope you have fun in ESO! :slight_smile:

Welcome! sounds like you will fit right on in!!