New Applicant

Hello! Not sure how this all works and if I supposed to post here or not. I saw your recruitment ad on Reddit and I am seeking a new guild. I main a Disc priest but I am comfortable in all specs of priest. I am mainly interested in raiding and M+ but I also enjoy transmog, achieves, mount farming and the occasional PvP. I have earned AotC for every tier since Legion. I am well versed on my class and can supply my own consumables and repairs. I am looking for folks who share the same in-game interests and enjoy the occasional shenanigan. WoW is better with friends and I could use some more of those =)
I look forward to hearing from you.

All good that you have posted and shared with us. Just hop on discord and we can get you set up. Just do a /who Evolved in game and ask for an officer

Welcome to Evolved Gaming