New member I hope

Hey guys / gals

Brand new to server and back for bfa. So I will be starting fresh with a brand new toon. I am 35 years young with a beautiful wife and three beautiful girls. Looking for a mature guild at the moment where I can just casually play with the intent of doing raids in the future. Don’t have too much free time as the girls and everyday life keep me pretty busy especially with a promotional test in the very near future. Anyways stumbled through the forum post for the guild and had the website saved for quite some time knowing I would like to apply in the future.

Looking forward to meeting everyone. I tried to find the discord information but seemed to not be able to find it. I’m assuming I need to speak with an officer on discord to set up an invite/interview what not? Thanks in advance!


Hello there and welcome to evolved. Our discord server can be found on our website. Should be a button there that brings you direct to our server. Once there you should get a jed bot PM… please follow the instructions.

Again. Welcome to evolved and cant wait to game with you. Thanks for the great write up