New Member Introduction - Gordon (Stolmir)

Hey folks! I was lucky enough to find a forum post for the guild this week and joined yesterday. The friends I’ve been playing with have left to do other things so my toons have been gathering dust. So far you’ll just find me on my main in the guild, my Shaman (Stolmir).

I wasn’t in the guild for more than a few hours and Sephraia kindly found me a spot in a M+. I’ve been pretty much solo and haven’t touched the M+ system in over a year. I’m really glad to find a place where the group will take a sadly geared character (I hit 444 after the run), instead of throwing myself to the cruel winds of the group finder system.

I’m sure I’ll be leveling some alts before Shadowlands but if there’s anything I can do to help (DPS or heal M+, explore more of Horrific Visions (my cloak is only 6), etc), just let me know and I’ll be happy to hop in and assist.

Thanks again for the new home!

Welcome! I’m glad you joined us. Seph’s “good people” like that, helping people get a key done. If you need help with anything, ask in guild chat. There are many people doing the same content and grouping up makes things more fun, especially visions.