New Member Looking to Join

Hello! I have been a veteran of WoW for over 10 years and had a consistent guild home for most of that time. However, that guild broke up at the end of Legion and I lost interest with BFA. I am coming back now to prepare for Shadowlands and looking for a new home. At the moment, I would be more of a casual member, but still interested in being active with helping guildies run keys and visions and invasions and whatever else to gear up and prepare!

I am primarily a support–I swap between Resto Shaman and Mistweaver monk. I do not know yet what I will main in Shadowlands. Hopefully I can speak to someone and get the ball rolling!

You can reach me at Tsuneki#9507 on discord or Tsuneki#1385 battletag. Thank you for your time!


Hi @Tsuneki! Welcome back to the game :smiley:

You can see when officers are online by looking at the left hand side of Discord. You can also post in the #wow-a-chat there and when someone is on, they should respond to it. You can also do a /who Evolved in game and message any member and they can let you know if there are any officers on and connect you with one. OR there is now a guild search feature in game where you can apply. If you use this, put your forum name in the comments of the application and the next time an officer is on, we’ll accept you :slight_smile: Hope this helps!

I look forward to running stuff with you!

I’ll be on all day if you need any help or have any questions about joining.

Welcome to Evolved! I play a Mistweaver monk myself and am currently leaning towards it for Shadowlands myself and would be happy to chat about the awesomeness of monks with you! :stuck_out_tongue: Resto shamans are fun too though! Anyways, look forward to seeing you in game!