New Player LF Tips, Guidance, Guild

Hello people, I gave ESO a try the past 4 days and have been interested in seeing it through even more. Generally, I’m looking for an active, chill guild or even just players to learn from so that I’m not wasting time and XP whenever it is I’m playing. I played Skyrim back in the days and am coming off of GW2/OSRS/RS3 so ESO just seems like a good fit. I read that the game has extreme benefits of guild interactions by means of sharing crafted equipment (ie. training sets) and that concept just sounds exciting to me.
I’m 20 years old in NA California (PST) and plan to play quite often.
In game name is @Dorisburk


Welcome to Evolved :smiley: ESO is a fun game and it has a great group of people playing it!

So glad to have you as part of the team!

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