New Recruit - Dietbandit

Good evening, I seen the recruitment ad on reddit under esoguilds. I thought this guild looked like a great fit. I have owned the game since, pretty much the beginning. However could not get into it very much and switched back to other games. I am just returning and pretty much only have a character under lvl 20 and on PC. I would love to play with you all and my ingame name is @dietbandit. I am currently working on maining a warden Breton healer, but am working on also getting a tank, dps, and pvp dps toons up and running. I really liked the casual friendly nature of you guild and look forward to joining. It reminds me of my old Eve Online corporation… So i can get grindy when needed, but prefer casual and roleplaying as my character. Kinda like D&D.

So all in all if you will have me, I would love to join.

Thanks for your time

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Hello and welcome to Evolved. Have fun in ESO

Welcome aboard. We definitely support a casual playstyle, but don’t frown upon you if you want to spend 16 hours a day trying to pickpocket the Redoran motifs either.

Healers are especially welcome since we seem to be running low on those when it comes time to do dungeon runs. Be sure to check out the Forming Trials Team post if you’re interested in that. Next Saturday is going to be our first attempt at doing one as a guild.

Thanks all and I am not very good at pickpocketing. I am definitly interested in trials, but I am not a high enough level yet. I am planning on having my healer at max level and starting champion on thursday and getting decent gear to start trials friday morning.