New Recruit Introduction


I’m coming back into the game after quite a long hiatus. I’ve raided religiously from vanilla through WotLK on a couple characters. I had to stop playing around the time Pandaria came out since I enrolled into pharmacy school. I came back in Legion in an extremely casual sense: to just level and experience the storylines without worrying about raiding or even being in a guild (by this point the guild I had been a part of had dissolved).

With the new expansion coming up, I thought I’d reintroduce the social aspect of the game I’ve missed and look for a great group of people to interact with as well as get my feet wet with actual raiding again. LFR just isn’t providing quite the satisfaction of accomplishment I’m looking for. The characters I have on Proudmoore at the moment are my paladin Amerie, mage Beyatrix, and warlock Ultimah. I have quite a few 120s on different realms, but I plan to use pre-patch to level up a couple more characters on Proudmoore.

So for some information about myself: I’m 34, a pharmacist, and live in Florida. I go by Mikey even after I got my doctorate. I have a pug named Star Killer Base (Starla or SKB for short) and a cat named Desmond David Hume (DDH). My hobbies outside of playing video games include baking, cooking, hiking, and camping. Sorry for the long introduction, but I hope to meet you all in game.

Hello and welcome again to evolved!

I’m glad you choose us for fun and shenanigans in Shadowlands. We’ve slowed down a bit over that couple weeks, but we still raid regularly. We run an open raid on Sundays (6pm server). Currently open raid is NYA normal and open to all guildies that meet minimum requirements (430 ilvl, legandary cloak for last 2 bosses, enchants x3, and sockets filled). Even at the end of this long expac we still have enough raiders to run 2 teams for Heroic clears on Fridays. We run a full clear plus AOTC NZoth carries in under 2 hours. Once the new raid opens, we raid Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday.

Other fun things: mythic plus (everyday), Jaina mount runs x2 on tuesdays, cheev runs on saturdays. We have MANY guildies that do mount runs, xmog runs, and other cheevo stuff.

I live on the far north end of 75. I’m a paramedic that works in a hospital as an educator. The pharm peeps are my favorite in class. I’ve decided you all are the engineers of the medical world. I have a pug looking Frenchie named Howard and an evil old siamese Mohinder.