New Recruit - JohnWickx88

Hey everyone,

Saw the recruitment post on reddit and it nailed what I was looking for so shout out to the author of the post. A little about myself, I’ve been playing ESO somewhat on console but just couldn’t get into it cause it honestly runs like crap on console. I switched to the master race about 2 years ago so finally picked up ESO for PC so got a brand new start and looking forward to building everything back up. It’s been awhile since I’ve played and never got too deep into it so consider me a noob in all categories. I’m looking forward to getting to know more of you and can’t wait to kill stuff together!

P.s. I might have missed it but is there a link to the discord posted somewhere?

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Welcome to Evolved! Assuming you’re talking about the recruitment post Bynski posted on Reddit, I stole that from Grimmie. :slight_smile:

The Discord info is here: Discord Link / Download

Once you get in there, make sure you @ an officer to get our attention so that we can set your roles and let you see the cool channels. People who are online will appear to the right and ESO officers will have (ESO) after their names. You can also try @Tynk/Bynski even if I appear offline. I set myself offline while at work but can sometimes hop in for a minute.

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looking foward to meeting you in game!

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