New Recruit - Rayvenge

Member Since February 27, 2014. Off and on Casual. Highest Character is Rayvenge - Argonian Magicka Templar 50 with 256 CP and I honestly have only soloed pretty much with him.
Raytanin is my latest character I play under and I am lvl 35 Imperial Dragonknight. stam DPS. Not Written in stone as I may try out being a tank as well.

Looking to group up and PVE, dungeons, etc. Maybe even PVP as I have not really tried it in the game.

Will be on Most EST 7:30pm till 10pmish I have Discord but I am relatively new at it. Look forward to grouping up with you all.



Welcome to Evolved. Have fun in the ESO guild

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If you’d like to do any group activities let me know next time we’re both on, it would be fun! And welcome to the guild!


Looking forward to getting know you in game !