New Recruit - Thanks for Havin' Me


I saw this group on the ESO forums, and it seemed like a good fit. While I’ve played MMOs for years, I’ve mostly played with one or two or no people. This has typically held me back in a number of ways, but it’s never mattered much before since endgame is typically about gear, not character growth. …but in ESO group content is sprinkled throughout your journey, and not completing all content on a map sort of irks me.

Also, I think it’s time I learned to play with a team and started figuring out more than just leveling characters. I have been playing ESO off and on since 2016, and my highest leveled character is currently only level 30. I do have nine characters, though, with the lowest being level 10. I’d like to fully explore crafting; My main crafter is only about skill level 25 in a few disciplines. I’d like to make some connections, especially if those connections translate from game to game.

I play on PC, but also have ESO on PS4 (though I don’t actively play). I’m open to other MMOs and maybe even the right MOBA (RIP Paragon). I’m glad to join and hope to find some friends!


Hey Vicious!

Thank you for your kind introduction! Our ESO chapter started recently as a group of (former) WoW players who grew frustrated with that MMO but wanted to still game with each other. Some of us are new to the game and some of us are experienced; so I think you will fit in just nicely!

Really looking forward to meeting you in game and in Discord!