New Recruit - Wolfborn

G’day all,

Macabre who is in your guild has spoken some real nice things about you all and believes we would be a perfect fit, so asked me to apply if I was keen, and i am very keen. A bit about my main. I have a Nord DK tank, love him, have played Wolf since beta, right up to the first trials then left the game, I have managed to come back into the game for a month here or there but real life was always getting in the way.

Real life balance is perfect now and I can now commit to being an active player. I have been a tank in MMO’s since EQ. I tend to focus on one class and get the most i can out of it, so i dont really role serious alts.

I am looking for a guild who would not mind a rusty returned player who will need to learn some of the new dungeon/trial content. I am a quick study however and am always keen to better my chosen play style.

I am not all about pve either. I enjoy pvp, I was part of the largest oceanic guild in Age of Conan and know my role as a tank in pvp group content. Lastly, I’m Australian so am active my peak time, which is your night. On weekends however, i tend to play at all times.

Besides, all cool guilds need an Aussie in its ranks :stuck_out_tongue:

So looking forward for the opportunity to get to know all of you and if you have any questions, please feel free.



so looking forward to meeting you in game!

Happy to have you here, Wolfborn!

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